Amazing Flor De Lis Tattoos

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Simple Flor de Lis tattoo design.The amazing flor de lis tattoos carry multi-cultural symbols that are incredible, possessing an intricate and dynamic history that happened during the ancient times.  These symbols are revered by many countries in the world as representations of noble causes that include military aspects.  Before you decide to get this tattoo, read this whole article first to give you an insight and better understanding of the significant features about this famous tattoo.

After inking of your tattoo, you’ll be proud to share the story behind flor de lis tattoos to everyone.  These tattoos are undoubtedly very popular all over the world probably due to their stylish and attractive look, or maybe because of the amazing history and culture that go with them.  Whatever the reason is their immense popularity will likely stay for many years more.

Fleur de lis symbols are very mysterious, and their origin can be traced back to early civilization.  In French language, fleur de lis means flower of the lily.  There are also ideas suggesting that this flower is similar to lotus flower.  Its earliest record of reference is in Mesopotamia where it is known as an artistic figure drawn on a kind of fabricated cylinder.

Without considering geographical limitations, images of these types are commonly found in the artifacts of ancient Egypt as well as in other ancient cultures.  It may also be possible that this image gained an immense popularity after they were introduced by the armies that invaded other foreign lands.  Another story behind the image used in flor de lis tattoos goes that a heavenly-guided anointment brought a vial of oil to bless the conversion of King Clovis to Christianity in 493 A.D.

A black color Flor De Lis symbol tattoo design on man's shoulder blade.

During the baptismal ceremony, it is said that a lily showed up as a sign of blessing bestowed by Virgin Mary, known as lily flower’s benefactress.  Because of this, King Clovis issued a royal mandate to create the design of the fleur de-lis to be printed on his helmet just before the Battle of Vouille was won.  It was after their victory in the battle that this image became the official symbol of King Clovis and court.

An incredible Flor de Lis tattoo design for men.

After that significant event, a number of succeeding generations adopted the fleur de-lis image as royal symbol for Christian Frankish Kings including the world-famous Charlemagne.  Later, this mysterious symbol was used to decorate the English and Scottish noblemen.  Later, it was also incorporated in the flor de lis tattoos of the early days in Europe up to this time.

A Flor de Lis Tattoo on inner forearm.

The image and symbol of fleur de-lis has unquestionably became part of Italy as ornament to Papal crowns and coat of arms in later years.  The Bosniaks, Spaniards and Serbs recognize the fleur de-lis as the national symbol of their heraldry.  Therefore, with these amazing stories as part of ancient history, the fleur de-lis does not belong to only one country and civilization.

A Flor de Lis tattoo on girl's left hip.

It is now clear that it belongs to all civilizations regardless of religion, creed and belief.  Therefore, the flor de lis tattoos are manifestations of good values, integrity and ethics present in this world.


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