Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs: Used As Protection?

By Tattartist On March 18, 2010 Under Cultural Tattoos

Discover Why Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs are Used as Protection against Harm and Evil

A mural tattoo with Native American design emded.If you are a tattoo aficionado searching for a kind of tattoo that is not only intended for fashion, but also something that can protect you from harm and evil spirits, the Dreamcatcher tattoo designs can fit well with your desire.  These tattoos depict Native American symbols that exude a great artistic creativity etched in the body to serve as talisman against all sorts of dangers and devious elements.

Even in the past, these tattoos became popular with the Natives of America as a way of ensuring their protection for all kinds of evils.  These Native people have shown their great interest and strong admiration for this kind of tattoo design by weaving its symbols for generations. The wolf tattoo designs and other native american tattoo designs are the additional art to Dreamcather tattoos.  The Dreamcatcher tattoo art are topmost in popularity among all forms of arts that symbolize protection for the body.

Animal of wolf: Dreamcatcher tattooIn fact, the modern day generation prefers to have the Dreamcatcher tattoo designs in their bodies as status symbol, and at the same time a shield against evil forces.  Even tattoo artists find them gaining a wide attraction and a great demand from tattoo enthusiasts because of their unique interpretation of Native American symbols in body art.

If you decide to have Dreamcatcher tattoo designs in your body, make sure that they provide a meaningful significance for your protection, not only as a fashionable art.  As true symbols of Native American art, the Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are made available in a wide variety of patterns and designs to attract people in all walks of life and all ages.

These tattoo designs can be woven with small hoops of paddles that you can also hang above the children’s cradle to ward off evil that bring troubles to the child.  Several stories of myth are being associated with Dreamcatcher tattoo designs, and the most popular among them is the one telling about a spider which disclosed the secrets of human life cycle to the spiritual chieftain of the Lakota tribe.

Believed by Native American people as an icon of wisdom, the spider was said to have covered the spiritual leader with its web while talking to him about the secret.  The web was perfectly woven that it was believed to symbolize prosperity and good times, while the hole at the middle means the way to escape adversities and misfortunes by passing through it.

Believing on this myth from the Native Americans, even modern day individuals prefer the Dreamcatcher tattoo designs to provide them with success and good luck, and ward off misfortunes and hard times.  At the same time, these tattoos are known as symbols representing the New Age transformation as a way of honoring the old folks of America.

Girl's shoulder with black native america tattooOn the other hand, some people recognize the Dreamcatcher tattoo designs only as a form of modern art.  But this belief even enhances the mystical power of these tattoo designs being in the midst of different convictions and values among the new generation.

If the stylish Dreamcatcher tattoo designs attract your interest and passion to have them engraved in your body, it’s great to have them in your arm, while for ladies, it’s best to place them in the shoulder.


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