Practical Options of Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos

By Tattartist On September 6, 2010 Under Special Tattoos

Henna hand tattoo for girls.You may be so excited now to have your first tattoo, but aren’t sure yet which is the most appropriate one to be embedded permanently on your body, so, why not try long lasting temporary tattoos?  Tattoo is the hottest thing nowadays, and everyone is interested to get one whether a student, professional or an employee.

The problem is that how would you know that it is the best tattoo for you that you won’t regret later, and be compelled to remove it by laser?  Then, it’s time to consider getting temporary tats that are long lasting before you finally choose one for permanent inking.  There are 3 most popular tattoos of these kinds that are best options to a traditional and permanent tat.  They are Henna, airbrushed and stick-on tattoos.

Henna tattoos originated from the ancient Middle East and Indian forms of art.  They have been crafted for so many years, and are considered as a form of art and spiritual practice.  If you want this type of long lasting temporary tattoos, you can have it done by a tat artist that you can usually find in a tourist site like the beach.  The tattooing process involves painting on your skin with a henna mixture that contains black tea, henna leaves, and other kinds of ingredients such as paprika.

Everything in the content is guaranteed safe and natural except when you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the mixture.  Traditional henna tat designs are very elegant in look, and you can even request your tat artist to paint something of your choice.  When the design has already been painted, the artist will use a lemon paste to apply over the tattoo, and let it remain there for 3 hours or more.

The Henna tattoo at the back of girl's neck.

As one of the long lasting temporary tattoos, the henna tat can be colored black or brown, but you can also use a different color if you wish.  The duration of time that this tat will remain on your skin is about 2 weeks if you care for it properly.  Another type of temporary tat that is long lasting is the airbrushed tattoo.  This tat is something a bit less permanent that is contemporary in nature.

A red dragon and a green phoenix airbrushed tattoo on forearm.

The tattooing process involved in this type of tat is just like airbrushing a t-shirt, as the name implies.  The same with henna tattoos, you can find an airbrush artist in the beach areas and other tropical tourist spots.  The tat artist makes use of an airbrush equipment and paint to create your tat design.  In creating the airbrush type of long lasting temporary tattoos, some artists do it by free-hand, ‘though most of them use stencils to perform their work.

With the modern airbrush tattoo, you can choose from a wide selection of colors to apply.  An ordinary airbrush tat can last for about 3 days.  The third type of temporary tat that is long lasting and can be quickly drawn is the stick-on tattoo.  These do-it-yourself long lasting temporary tattoos can be found in costume and party shops that you can create by yourself by just following the attached directions.

A stick on temporary tattoo oat model's upper back.


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