True Meaning of Gargoyle Tattoos

By Tattartist On March 16, 2010 Under Ancient Tattoos

How to Ward-off Bad Spirits as the True Meaning of Gargoyle Tattoos?

Gargoyle sitting steady on floor.The meaning of gargoyle tattoos has something to do with warding-off bad spirits.  These tattoos are crafted usually in dark, grotesque images in black color only, with yellow or red colors of their eyes to make them appear real scary monsters.  The horrible features of gargoyle tattoos are created in such a way that they can scare off evil elements away from the body.  With this purpose at hand, they may look like weird and terrifying images, but with great meaning of gargoyle tattoos as symbols of protection for the body.

As early as 19th century, gargoyles were drawn on churches and municipal buildings as unique designs for ornament.  Later, they have been used to adorn significant buildings for protection from evils.  The myth says that the great meaning of gargoyle tattoos is geared towards discarding harmful spirits through frightening monster-like figures.

Exotic Gargoyle design inked on sleeve.They are believed to activate in the darkness of the night, and those images with wings watch the entire community against bad spirits the whole night, and return to their places during sunrise.  The protective meaning of gargoyle tattoos has been around since ancient times.  The popularity of these tattoos has constantly increased due to their unique appearance and mystical representation.

The monster images serve as guardians of the occupants of edifices, and as talisman or amulet against unwanted elements.  You will observe that there are some kinds of gargoyles that are made with visible horns, tails and sharp claws.  They also show their wide, open mouth and water flowing out.  When water comes out of their mouth, the figures become sacred.  It is from this myth that the widely known gargoyle tattoo myths originated.

In the beginning, gargoyles used to be for decoration purposes alone, and were also called “chimeras,” but some hints that have been observed with their presence led to the meaning of gargoyle tattoos as protection for the bearer.  It became a common belief that indeed they have the ability to flush out evil forces.  The image of a griffin is a popular form of “chimera,” as well as a combination of different types of animals.  It can be an eagle’s head and wings with a lion’s body.

Often, they are featured with a lion with long ears and sharp claws in royal crests as great symbols of nobility.  The good omens that they bring make the meaning of gargoyle tattoos become popular as friends of men.  This is the reason why they have been listed as one of favorites of tattoo enthusiasts.  You can etch gargoyles in black and bright colors like purple, blue and red.Gargoyle with opened wing design.

You can have them engraved at your legs, arms, or at the back.  One unique and appealing idea is to draw an image of the gargoyle on your shoulder with water flowing down your arm.  You can also have it printed with water running down at your chest or at your back.  Once you possess this kind of tattoo, the meaning of gargoyle tattoos can be easily interpreted by people who are fond of searching them online.


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