Truth of Elf Tattoos

By Tattartist On August 1, 2010 Under Mythical Tattoos

Elf tattoo on man's calf and shin.The truth about the history and definition of Elf tattoos…

Elf tattoos can be traced to the historical existence of elves, the mystical tiny people mentioned in the Teutonic legend.  They can be cooperative, granting favors, helping in human’s work when they are aslept, and watching children and animals.  However when provoked, they can be destructive and violent, snatching people away, and causing a general havoc which is symbolic of an uncontrollable, mysterious well-being in existence.

Referring to German myth, the elf is a kind of fairy who dwells in the forest, sea and in the air.  Elves were illustrated in Shakespeare’s Puck and Lord of the Rings by Tolkien; a manifestation of great writers’ passion to write something mystical for the sake of fabulous art that will catch the interest of the readers.  These stories of fantasy have always been the apple of the eyes of the kids of all ages.

For their major part in history, many people can confirm their real existence when asked if they believe in elves.  These magical creatures live a longer life than humans, but no precise records have been brought so far.  Tat enthusiasts want to have elf tattoos embedded on their bodies due to their mystical symbolism as something to protect their bodies from bad spirits.

Some of the known elves that inhabited the earth include the black elves that come from the Glenar forest, the Daelic elves of the woodland nations, and the Savaen elves in the forest of Aerona, each having their own story to tell.  One of the famous elves named Eladamri has lived for more than 150 years, and still considered in his prime when he died.

An elf and a red X tattoo for men.

Ravnican elves mature more rapidly, and live a life that’s far longer than human beings.  Even today, it’s still unknown if this very long life is applicable to all groups of elves or just for Ravnica.  This representation of long life has also been incorporated in elf tattoos that make them so popular.  The elves are found in almost every plane in the entire multi-verse.

Cute Dobby elf tattoo for male and female.

Historians reveal that only Mercadia, Ulgrotha and Kamigawa are the only 3 planes which have no traces of elves.  Although they were known to be common trouble-makers, elves were not related to darkness as in the case of gnomes and trolls.  They were found in the realm of light, and this belief was widespread in the ancient Europe.

The images of elves were later crafted in designs of elf tattoos as exciting and fascinating imagery.  These elves are actually major part of legends and myths, but they were considered real by the folks of ancient Europe.  They claim to have seen them in different places participating in various events of life that is why they have been proclaimed as part of life and nature.

A closing face elf tattoo design on woman's left shoulder blade.

Some people believe that they may be the spirits of the departed ones, while others think that they may even be older than mankind.  Elves were even recognized as servants of gods, and bearers of light for humanity.  This is another reason why people opt to wear elf tattoos as symbols of peace, sense of humor, and light in the darkness.


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