What Makes Celebrities Prefer the Name Tattoo among Others?

By Tattartist On March 26, 2010 Under Lettering Tattoos

What Makes Celebrities Prefer the Name Tattoo among Others?  Know the answers here.

Name on the rose tattoo design.Any where you go today, it is a common sight for many people wearing a body mark in the form of a Name tattoo.  This kind of tattoo is created either in the name of the individual wearing it, or the name of someone he loves.  It is a mark of a person’s undying love for somebody or to cherish his memories in the form of a tattoo which is permanently engraved in the body.  The big question now is how far would a person retain the memories of a love one when they have gone separated for years, and both have their own families to care for?

What sort of things can be done to remake the decision of having a permanent Name tattoo in your body?  You probably have come across some celebrities who are either proud of their signature tattoos, or regret their decisions to have them permanently after a divorce like Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie who had Name tattoos in their arms.  In the case of Johnny Depp, he had his tattoo in his arm while they were “on” with Winona Ryder.  After ending their love affair, he had it changed to something else that didn’t sound pretty good.

Name emded with the tribal butterfly tattoo design.But that was the only remedy to remake a permanent Name tattoo; have it covered with a new name similar to it since it is not possible to erase it completely.  But why a Name tattoo again?  Why not other objects?  While this tattoo is specific in nature that is why it is not practical to have it permanent, many celebrities still prefer to have them in their bodies.  This is to show their deep love to their partners and a solid mark of romantic connections.  Some may interpret it as a tag of possession, while others view it as symbol of pride for being closely associated with someone you love.

Celebrities opt for Name tattoos to be fashionable, and to show their love ones that they can endure the pain of etching in the name of love.  This is a clear indication of an individual’s deep affection towards a love one especially to recall his memories upon death.  In essence, it is a great way for celebrities to show their love ones how important their partners are in their hearts.  It is a silent way of saying that they are dedicated lovers while the relationships are aflame.

This can happen to anyone out of the movie world.  It may not be in the form of a Name tattoo at all, but in other forms like a piece of expensive jewelry, a new car, Name across the heart tattoo design.or even an estate.  In ordinary life, people choose their girlfriend or boyfriend’s name, spouse, or children’s name as concrete proof of their marital affair.  However, these markings may not be forever as relationships nowadays become short-lived, and if you want it removed, it can be more painful than when it was created.

Despite all these drawbacks and controversies surrounding the creation of Name tattoos, however, they are still the popular choice of celebrities and ordinary people alike especially the young ones.


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