Amazing Small Star Tattoos Can Make Your Body Look Sexier

By Tattoo Artist On September 28, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos, Star Tattoos

A small star at the back of girl's neck and the Chinese word "star" on shoulder blade.If you are a newbie in the field of tattooing and you want your 1st tattoo to be embedded now, you can consider selecting small star tattoos which are popular nowadays not only for girls but also for men.  Stars have always been hard to reach out, and the only way to touch them with your bare hands is through embedding them in your skin.  The beauty of stars and their inspirational mystery have been the subject of admiration for all generations.

Even science could not explain in precise details the relation of stars in human life and their specific function towards the earth.  With this mysterious profile, their beauty and brightness become the objects of attraction for human beings to explore.  While the scope of their study is limited to whatever available sources of knowledge are present on earth, people are confined to have a personal touch of stars through possession of small star tattoos etched on their bodies.

One good thing for having this kind of tattoo for newbies is that they are less expensive to embed, and easier to produce since they are of miniature sizes.  They can be viewed as tiny objects, but when they are formed as a cluster in small star tattoos, they create a strong impact for onlookers.  Their image is so interesting and appealing that if they are embedded on sexy spots of a female body, they enhance the body’s figure and make it more attractive to the opposite sex.

Some green and red color small stars tattoo on feet.

Even if you are not a 1st timer in the tattooing process, and you want small star tattoos to be added to your collection of tattoos, they can suit your taste and your sexy figure just like some of the female celebrities.  If you prefer to have them etched on your skin, you have a lot of options based on colors, shapes, sizes and styles that you want for your small star tattoos.  While these tattoos can suit any gender of all ages, they are best fitted for girls as symbol for achievement of higher goals and aspiration in life.

Three small stars with a heart tattoo on wrist.Small star tattoos also serve as indication of being rebellious, daring, sexy or ambitions for young ladies.  The small sizes of stars are viewed as pretty and cute which are similar to the features of growing up girls which the bearers want to portray.  Girls can have this tattoo design as a shooting star, a starburst or just a single star.  They can be embedded on small parts of your body such as the wrist and foot, or on your sexy areas such as the lower stomach, hip and shoulder blade.

If you want to have the type of nautical small star tattoos for your body, you should make them in 3 dimensions with sharp edges and colorful designs to make them more appealing.  If you choose a shooting star tattoo, it means that a certain period is gone which turned into a star.  Just remember that in your selection of a cluster comprising of small star tattoos, you must be aware of their meanings that match your type of personality.

A black and small star tattoo on girl's forearm.


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