Ancient Gaelic Tattoos with Great Meanings

By Tattoo Artist On August 13, 2010 Under Ancient Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos

Gaelic language tattoo on forearm.The term Gaelic means Celtic or cultural; so, when it comes to Gaelic tattoos, they refer to the texts and scripts written in Gaelic language.  These tattoos are significant to the culture and language of the ancient Gaels.  Gaelic tats represent feelings and symbols that human beings commonly identify and portray through them.  Gaels and Celtics considered tattoos as part of their culture making them also part of ancient history.

Several languages are distinguished to the Gaelic culture such as Scottish, Manx and Irish.  Thus, the Gaelic tattoos are mainly taken from these languages in the form of Celtic art style.  Considering that these tattoos have traces of ancient and traditional history, they could have been more associated with Irish and Scottish warriors for blessings of good luck in battle.

Gaelic symbol tattoo on man's left side of his body.

The warriors believed that they can obtain strength to win the war and come back safely through these tattoos.  This article aims to provide you with some of the popular Gaelic tat designs and ideas that you can consider inking on your body.  There is a wide variety of Gaelic ideas and tat designs related to their languages that you can choose from catalogues available at your local tat parlor, or from online tattoo galleries.

The numerous terms and phrases that you can find in Gaelic tats that are written in Gaelic language are rich in meanings and significance taken from their language that provide you with a sense of belonging if you have one of them on your skin.  A lot of people prefer Gaelic tattoos because they think that they are part of that culture such as their language, or they view the script as classy and elegant.  Here are some of the tattoos written in Gaelic language with their corresponding meanings.

Gaelic symbol tattoo on man's forearm.

The phrase, Cairdeas, Dilseacht, Gra means friendship, loyalty and love.  An rud is annamh is íontach refers to what is seldom is wonderful.  Cha d’dhùin doras nach d’fhosgail doras gives the meaning that no door is ever closed, but another is opened.  B’ i sin reul’s an oidhche dhoilleir means that we are a star on a dark night.

A celtic gaelic tattoo design on arm.

These are the Popular Gaelic tattoos written in Gaelic languages from different cultures with their complex designs.  Wearing these kinds of tats gives the impression of being unique in style and historical in nature, with great meanings.  If you want to have matching images for the above phrases to come up with perfect Gaelic tat design, you can search online.  There are various appealing tat designs available in some reputable websites that you can select from.

But before you decide to embed one, make sure that you have chosen the most appropriate design that you want to avoid any regrets later that would compel you to remove it by laser.  Another thing is that you should make sure that the interpretation of the Gaelic tat meaning is correct to avoid being the center of ridicule.  If you have one of these Gaelic tattoos, your design will still look best and impressive regardless of what’s written there.

Gaelic with cross tattoo at man's back.


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