Best Historic Sword Tattoos Meaning

By Tattoo Artist On October 8, 2010 Under Special Tattoos

A dragon with sword tattoo design for men and women.Sword tattoos are made-up of simple designs, yet, they can provide you with a clear statement.  An image of the sword can be used as an added symbol to a particular tattoo that will make its dimension more meaningful.  The image of an angel carrying a lamb has a great different meaning compared to an angel who wields a sword.

As a military emblem, the sword has been used as a weapon of warriors in battles for many generations of men.  It symbolizes protection against aggressors, liberty, benevolent power and honor.  These qualities of men are all associated with valor and heroism.  It is believed that if you carry a sword tattoo, you are portraying yourself as an individual who remains steadfast to the code of personal ethics.

Wearing sword tattoos also symbolize protection against hardships during difficult times, as well as religious significance.  During the Middle Ages, it was used as a symbol of God’s words.  When you see an image of the sword with flames, it means purification of the bearer.  When a sword tat portrays a crucifix, it means that the bearer is ready to defend his faith.

The sword with wings and fire tattoo at man's upper back.

Actually, a sword may not be the focal point of a tattoo, but merely an added object to elaborate the meaning of the tat design.  The sword in a tattoo has various meanings.  When it appears together with eagles, it does not necessarily mean freedom, but the firm stand to protect a specific jurisdiction.  If you see an angel holding a sword in the tat, it does not only mean a guardian angel, but a strong archangel.

A sword with banner tattoo on man's calf.

The sword has become a symbol of power because of its important role in literature and history.  Since a great number of sword’s names are more popular than the bearer, this only proves that it carries with it a historical importance.  It is known that the sword is associated with some magic, and therefore, this magic turns into sword tattoos.  There are a lot of popular swords that played a major role in history.

Many of them were used in battle and even with the demise of the warriors who owned them, they were still remembered in history.  One of these historic swords is the sword of Prophet Muhammed called Zulfiqar which was used by Husayn ibn Ali in Karbala battle.  Another famous sword in history is the sword of Hanjo Masamune, a Japanese dictator who made his sword the symbol of his dictatorship called Tokugawa shogunate in 1603.

A colorful sword with banner tattoo design on man's forearm.

Then, the sword of Boabdil which was possessed by the last Moorish Spain’s King also became known in history.  From here you’ll see the significance of swords in sword tattoos which can make your decision to embed based on the message that it reflects to others.  Some of the meanings attached to the sword symbols include justice, noble action, courage, honor and virility.

In your selection of what you think is best for you among the sword tattoos, make sure that it is unique, and even if it is simple, it should be perfectly crafted by an expert tat artist.


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