Calligraphy Tattoos: What You Should Know?

By Tattoo Artist On July 12, 2010 Under Lettering Tattoos

An Arabic calligraphy tattoo on shoulder bladeWhen you drop by in a local body art shop, you’ll find that there are numerous types of tattoo designs that are available for embedding such as the calligraphy tattoo.  Many people consider tattoo as the best form to express one’s statement, and a way to display your personality and thinking.  There are a lot of customized tats, and ones that are made only for boys and girls.

Nowadays, there are special types of tat designs which are becoming popular. They are gaining an immense popularity especially among youngsters and teenagers.  The term calligraphy comes from 2 words which are kallos meaning beauty, and graphe which means writing.  Calligraphy has been used for many years, and the first writings were only in the form of capital letters.

In today’s fashion, however, this kind of art has been transformed into writing direct messages in the form of tattoos, and a way to display emotions.  At present, there are various kinds of calligraphy tattoo patterns and styles that have been designed for purposes of fashion. These tats have no limitation to be embedded on almost all parts of your body.  You can see them printed mostly at the back of the neck, back, chest, stomach, forearms, arms, etc.

Chinese "God" calligraphy tattoo for men and women.These tats have no corresponding images, but only words tattooed on your body.  With several meanings that these tattoos have, you should choose the appropriate script with the right meaning.  You should make sure that you’re wearing the right Chinese calligraphy tattoo according to its meaning; otherwise, you might be the center of humor and criticism without you knowing it.

The most frequently used script in creating these tats is known as cursive writing, also called grass writing.  Their designs are elegant in look with gracefully slanted and free-flowing patterns.  In looking at the patterns of the letters, you will notice that they are woven intricately at times that may take you a while to comprehend what’s really written on them.

Calligraphy script or cursive writing is mostly being used in English letters.  Calligraphy tats can be crafted in Chinese words and writing as an option.  Later, you can decide to use other types of fonts if you want.  One good type that you can select is the calligraphy tattoo using Arabic style, as Islamic patterns are becoming more popular nowadays for tattoos with scripture writing from the Koran.  You can also opt to have them written in Sanskrit or Hindi.

Likewise, you can incorporate any word, phrase, or a sentence that you want to make your tattoo personalized.  These tattoos can be combined with other tats, or they can stand alone individually.  You can have an image of a dragon in your tattoo with a message of explanation written in Japanese script.

The Japanese script calligraphy tattoo at girl's upper back.

In this combination process, you can mix these tats with different kinds of tattoos to make them more appealing.  With regard to color, they are usually created in green or conventional black color.  However, there are also some tattoo aficionados that wear calligraphy tattoos in different colors.

A huge calligraphy tattoo at the right side of man's body.


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