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Maori Tattoo Meaning

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The Real Meaning of Maori Tattoo

Have you ever been awed by the beauty of Maori tattoo? Have you wondered where the designs originated or whether it is possible to have one for yourself? Maori tribal tattoo

A Maori tattoo, or “moko,” is steeped in tradition. It is a form of body art that the Maori people brought from Polynesia to New Zealand hundreds of years ago and is considered to be highly sacred. Beginning at a person’s adolescence, tattoos were traditionally applied as a “rite of passage” and then repeated periodically as a celebration of significant events in a person’s life. The designs were often symbols of rank, social status and prestige.  Since each individual is unique, each Maori tattoo is unique as well, with complex patterns that involve intricately designed, curved shapes and spirals.

The Legend behind Moko

According to Maori mythology, a young warrior named Mataora fell deeply in love with Niwareka, a

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Tattoo Artists Ideas: Angel Wings

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Wing Tattoos at Full Back (Angel or Devil)   

Wings represent the ultimate power of flight. The ability to fly away touches a deep yearning in people to break free from whatever is holding them back in life. At the same time, wings can also depict protection and guidance. This is especially true of angel wings. People who display angel wing tattoos often feel that they have the freedom to take their lives in a different direction and still be protected in that move.

Tattoo angel wings with crossIn recent years, both men and women are choosing angel wing tattoos. Traditional angel wings cover both shoulder blades and are usually applied with black ink. Women sometimes choose smaller ones that are placed on the back of a neck, on a shoulder blade or the inside a wrist. Sometimes, angel wing tattoos include other symbols in the design. However, nothing can quite compare to the dramatic “full

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Legacy of Historic Marquesan Tattoo in the West

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A cool Marquecan tattoo on man's arm.When Alvaro de Mendana de Neyra, the first European who landed on the shore of Maequesas in the eastern islands of Polynesia in 1595, he already saw the tattooing patterns of marquesan tattoo which looks similar to a checkerboard that covers the whole body of a native Marquesan.  Then, James Cook travelled to the islands in the 18th century with his crew, and thought that the natives would wear clothes decorated with laces.

He was surprised to see that the natives were covered with tattoos in almost entire part of their bodies.  Tattooing was called tatauing then, and tattoo was termed tatau in marquesan language.  For purposes of becoming more acclimatized with their language, we’ll be using their words used in body art in this article.

During those times, different cultures in the pacific island were already practicing tatauing, but the perfect forms of tataus were crafted by the Marquesan natives.  The

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Ancient Gaelic Tattoos with Great Meanings

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Gaelic language tattoo on forearm.The term Gaelic means Celtic or cultural; so, when it comes to Gaelic tattoos, they refer to the texts and scripts written in Gaelic language.  These tattoos are significant to the culture and language of the ancient Gaels.  Gaelic tats represent feelings and symbols that human beings commonly identify and portray through them.  Gaels and Celtics considered tattoos as part of their culture making them also part of ancient history.

Several languages are distinguished to the Gaelic culture such as Scottish, Manx and Irish.  Thus, the Gaelic tattoos are mainly taken from these languages in the form of Celtic art style.  Considering that these tattoos have traces of ancient and traditional history, they could have been more associated with Irish and Scottish warriors for blessings of good luck in battle.

Gaelic symbol tattoo on man's left side of his body.

The warriors believed that they can obtain strength to win the war and come back safely through these tattoos.  This article aims

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Origins of Aztec Tattoo Art

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An amazing Aztec tattoo design at man's back. What makes the origins of Aztec tattoo art so interesting?  Find out from this article.

Aztec tattoo art has been known in history as the most popular and the most flourishing kind of body art.  Even today, it is still prominent among tattoo enthusiasts because of the spirituality distinguished with Aztec culture that is associated with it making it unique in every aspect of tattooing process.  During the era of the Aztecs, they are known to have tattoos embedded on their bodies as symbols of their devotion to their god.

The Aztec tattoo art has been specifically known to be performed with complicated designs, and the tattoos were usually printed on their stomachs, wrists and chests.  Because of their distinctive appearance, it has gained an immense popularity in many parts of the globe.  However, if you want this kind of tattoo, don’t get attracted alone with its appealing look and intricate designs

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