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Creative Printable Scorpion Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On September 18, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A big printable scorpion tattoo on man's arm.Why is creative printable scorpion tattoos appealing to tattoo enthusiasts?  Read this article to be enlightened.

It is amazing that a great number of tattoo enthusiasts are craving for printable scorpion tattoos nowadays to be printed in their bodies.  What makes them attracted to have them?  Some people may not be aware of the current trend, but these tattoos are silently capturing the market on printable tattoos available in the internet.  They are the most sought kinds of tattoo designs that many people want to have.

One of the most important reasons why the printable scorpion tattoos are appealing to people is that they serve as an effective instrument to convey the universal message that there are many people who may not be endowed with power and material things, yet, they are able to survive the difficulties in life and hold firmly to the ground.  These people are full of courage and

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Finding a Koi Fish Tattoo Gallery?

By Tattoo Artist On September 2, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The koi fish tattoo on man's calf.You will observe that among the tattoo designs that are available in online galleries, the most popular design nowadays can be found in a Koi fish tattoo gallery.  This is because the Japanese Koi signifies power and strength with its amazing ability to leap out its entire body from the water.  This makes Koi fish tattoos more sought after by tattoo aficionados scanning the Koi fish tattoo gallery.

These Japanese tattoos are not new to the tattoo gun having long years of history dating back to the ancient Japan as a popular theme.  The most common design of Koi fish tattoo found in a Koi fish tattoo gallery shows a Koi performing an incredible splash in the water sending off splashes of water that indicates its extra-ordinary power.   Apart from its strength, the Koi is also well-known for its beauty and colorful skin.

This makes it attractive to embed as a tattoo

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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Art: Symbol of Good Fortune

By Tattoo Artist On August 29, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A red and orange color koi fish on man's arm.One of the most popular tats nowadays originates from the designs of Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art.  If you intend to have Koi fish tattoo for your skin, you should know 1st its traditional meaning in Japanese.  These kind of tattoos not only signify the colorful appearance of the Koi fish, but also its amazing strength and power to move out its whole body from the water.  In designing a form of Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art, it is a common practice to draw the Koi fish in its magnificent action of leaping from the water or simply in its splashing movement.

Due to their beautiful look and powerful movements, many tattoo enthusiasts prefer to have the immortal Koi fish embedded on their bodies as symbol of power and elegance.  The bold orange color of this Japanese fish and the blue color of the water blend well together that creates an

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Symbolic Eagle Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 30, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The patriotic eagle with American flag tattoo design for men ang women.What people perceive about you when you are wearing the symbolic eagle tattoo designs?

In the past, Eagle tattoo designs are symbolic of freedom and masculinity where the eagle symbolizes the sun in ancient history.  The eagle was worshipped by the Kopts as icon of strength and elusive power, while the Greeks and Persians recognized it with incomparable significance.

Ancient people believe that Eagle tattoo designs reflect power, wealth, success, prosperity and strength.  Military men and patriotic citizens prefer to have eagle tattoos in their bodies as a reminder of liberty and freedom.  These tattoos are combined with flags, emblems and banners portraying acts of patriotism as homage to the whole nation.

It was at the time of George Washington as the 1st President of the US that the eagle was chosen as the symbol of the great nation.  In North America, bald eagles could be found representing enormous power.  The Eagle tattoo

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Courage Tattoos: Tiger and Panther Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 26, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A strength tribal tiger head tattoo design.If you are planning to have a unique tattoo, and now in the process of evaluating which one is best fitted for you, a tiger tat design which is one of the unique courage tattoos can fit in your body.  If you’re thinking that it’s too fierce to have it on your skin, you can forget that prejudice now.  The current tattooing techniques have made it great to alter the impression of tat enthusiasts toward tattoo designs.

The tiger is an icon of strength, courage, beauty and wisdom.  This strong animal is known to be fierce, courageous, swift and meek, but it can be violent once it is underestimated and intimidated since it could kill the moment it becomes upset. These large cats have been successfully domesticated and trained by animal trainers in Thailand.

With regard to a tiger tat design for your first tattoo on your skin, it is best to

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