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Ancient Gaelic Tattoos with Great Meanings

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Gaelic language tattoo on forearm.The term Gaelic means Celtic or cultural; so, when it comes to Gaelic tattoos, they refer to the texts and scripts written in Gaelic language.  These tattoos are significant to the culture and language of the ancient Gaels.  Gaelic tats represent feelings and symbols that human beings commonly identify and portray through them.  Gaels and Celtics considered tattoos as part of their culture making them also part of ancient history.

Several languages are distinguished to the Gaelic culture such as Scottish, Manx and Irish.  Thus, the Gaelic tattoos are mainly taken from these languages in the form of Celtic art style.  Considering that these tattoos have traces of ancient and traditional history, they could have been more associated with Irish and Scottish warriors for blessings of good luck in battle.

Gaelic symbol tattoo on man's left side of his body.

The warriors believed that they can obtain strength to win the war and come back safely through these tattoos.  This article aims

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Meaning of Celtic Love Knot Tattoos

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Special red and white celtic love knot tattoo design.If you want a kind of tattoo that represents yourself, the Celtic love knot tattoos may be your best choice.  These tattoos are eye-catching that can boost your personality and the beauty of your body as a form of art.  It’s quite painful to have it, but it’s worth something to remain on your skin forever.  For a lot of people, it’s not only a form of art; it also symbolizes what things they believe in.

It reminds them of significant memories that should never be forgotten.  At this point, you should be aware of some kinds of Celtic love knot tattoos that have special meanings.  The simplest type of these tattoos is the trinity Celtic knot which has a three-cornered pattern representing the Holy Trinity composed of the Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A simple celtic love knot tattoo design for male and female.Next is the quaternary knot which has 4 corners, and more complicated designs compared to trinity knot. 

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Symbols of Celtic Butterfly

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Feminine celtic butterfly tattoo design.The Celtic Butterfly Tattoos as Symbol of Strength, Endurance and Strong Faith

The Celtics treated animal symbols seriously, and used them in many ways as a show of reverence just like in jewelry, carvings and Celtic butterfly tattoos.  The Celtic people also revered the cycle of life, spirituality, family, friendship and love as among the important aspects of life, and tattooed them on their bodies.

Since Celtic butterflies were involved in the process of transition, Celtic women adored this quality that they used the symbol of butterfly to associate them to childbirth as a means of commemorating the birth of their babies into the tribal community.  To be more specific, they used these symbols in Celtic butterfly tattoos that they embed on their bodies to remind them of the ever-changing cycle of life.

The Celtics adored the butterfly because of the amazing phenomenon of metamorphosis that it has to go through during childbirth

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