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Religious Praying Hands Tattoos

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A praying hands tattoo design on man's left arm.Designs of tattoos are available in many forms, and the great choice for religious people is the religious praying hands tattoo.  This tattoo serves as an expression of their spirituality, and their intention to share the message to others.  A wide selection of these tattoos is available in the market today, and most of the people attracted to have them are those with strong religious faith.

Religious praying hands tattoo markings are usually made permanently in your skin, so, if you intend to have one, you must contemplate 1st on the kind of faith that you believe in before you have it pierced in your body.  The amazing religious praying hands tattoo comes in various designs and sizes that are appealing not only to religious people, but also to others who want to keep sentiments and memories in their bodies.

At the start of the 15th century, the religious praying hands tattoo

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Legacy of Historic Marquesan Tattoo in the West

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A cool Marquecan tattoo on man's arm.When Alvaro de Mendana de Neyra, the first European who landed on the shore of Maequesas in the eastern islands of Polynesia in 1595, he already saw the tattooing patterns of marquesan tattoo which looks similar to a checkerboard that covers the whole body of a native Marquesan.  Then, James Cook travelled to the islands in the 18th century with his crew, and thought that the natives would wear clothes decorated with laces.

He was surprised to see that the natives were covered with tattoos in almost entire part of their bodies.  Tattooing was called tatauing then, and tattoo was termed tatau in marquesan language.  For purposes of becoming more acclimatized with their language, we’ll be using their words used in body art in this article.

During those times, different cultures in the pacific island were already practicing tatauing, but the perfect forms of tataus were crafted by the Marquesan natives.  The

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Real Meaning of Maori Tattoo

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The Maori tattoo on man's left chest and shoulder.If you happen to be one of the tattoo enthusiasts who like to have something unique printed in your body, the Maori tattoo design can fit you well.  In New Zealand, the indigenous people called Maori who were known to be fierce warriors were fond of tattooing their bodies to serve as their identity in battle.  They used the word Moko as the name of the tattooing process.

Based on the legend, a young warrior named Mataora had a relationship with the underworld princess called Niwareka.  Because of ardent affection to her lover, the princess decided to leave her father to marry him.  But later when she was being maltreated by her husband, she returned to the underworld in the arms of her father.  Finally realizing his mistake and feeling lost of her love one, the husband decided to follow her to the underworld enduring all the difficulties on his way

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Finding a Koi Fish Tattoo Gallery?

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The koi fish tattoo on man's calf.You will observe that among the tattoo designs that are available in online galleries, the most popular design nowadays can be found in a Koi fish tattoo gallery.  This is because the Japanese Koi signifies power and strength with its amazing ability to leap out its entire body from the water.  This makes Koi fish tattoos more sought after by tattoo aficionados scanning the Koi fish tattoo gallery.

These Japanese tattoos are not new to the tattoo gun having long years of history dating back to the ancient Japan as a popular theme.  The most common design of Koi fish tattoo found in a Koi fish tattoo gallery shows a Koi performing an incredible splash in the water sending off splashes of water that indicates its extra-ordinary power.   Apart from its strength, the Koi is also well-known for its beauty and colorful skin.

This makes it attractive to embed as a tattoo

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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Art: Symbol of Good Fortune

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A red and orange color koi fish on man's arm.One of the most popular tats nowadays originates from the designs of Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art.  If you intend to have Koi fish tattoo for your skin, you should know 1st its traditional meaning in Japanese.  These kind of tattoos not only signify the colorful appearance of the Koi fish, but also its amazing strength and power to move out its whole body from the water.  In designing a form of Japanese Koi Fish tattoo art, it is a common practice to draw the Koi fish in its magnificent action of leaping from the water or simply in its splashing movement.

Due to their beautiful look and powerful movements, many tattoo enthusiasts prefer to have the immortal Koi fish embedded on their bodies as symbol of power and elegance.  The bold orange color of this Japanese fish and the blue color of the water blend well together that creates an

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