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Dragon Tattoo for Women

By Tattoo Artist On August 14, 2012 NO COMMENTS

Woman Dragon Tattoo Image

Although dragon tattoos are more commonly seen on men, women are now being drawn to these mystical creatures as tattoo choices. A recent smash movie of the same name has created a rise in the popularity of this style of tattoo.

The dragon tattoo symbolizes qualities like strength, courage, wisdom and power. There are many variations of this design. Many are exceptionally beautiful with striking colors and have become favored by female celebrities like Angelina Jolie, who displays a dragon tattoo on her upper left arm.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Dragons mean different things to different people. Men often identify with them because strength and power are generally important to them. Women see dragons as a representation of the creator and protector of life, just as they often see themselves as creators of life and protectors of children.

People in the Eastern hemisphere believe that the dragon is a benevolent protector; these dragons have slender bodies and no

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Tattoo Symbol for Sisters

By Tattoo Artist On October 14, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Chinese letters "Sister" tattoo on a pair of sisters forearm.The tattoo symbol for sisters has become the latest craze in the world today that befits people who love their sisters.  Across the globe, you can see many people bearing this kind of tattoo as a sign of universal spirit of love for their sisters.  This is a silent way of showing your deep affection to your sister by honouring her in a specific part of your body with a nice tattoo.

This tattoo symbol for sisters is available in a variety of attractive patterns and designs for you to choose from.  Each design is meaningful that serves as a great way to convey the universal message of sisterhood.  It is an effective means of expressing in symbols what sister relationships really mean for people.  It may not even be directly associated with sisters in a family, but can be sisters in belief and cultural values.

With this kind of sister tattoo,

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Great Tattoo Ideas for Mothers That You Can Be Proud of

By Tattoo Artist On October 12, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A pair of baby's feet print tattoo on mother's calf.If you are a mother who has been searching for a kind of tattoo design that is impressive in look, but you don’t have any tattoo ideas for mothers, this is now a great chance for you to have your obsession.  The whole process may not appear to be easy at all because it’s not only the tattoo which is at stake, but also your reputation to other people.  Your 1st step is to determine what you really want out of a design for a mother.

Try to come-up with your own tattoo idea that is impressive, and compare it with available tattoo ideas for mothers that you can find online.  Choose a kind of tattoo that you can dare to be with for many years without giving you any discomfort or stain to your appearance and personality.  Your chosen tattoo does not necessarily be large and sophisticated.  It can be

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Snowflake Tattoos and Placement Ideas

By Tattoo Artist On September 30, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Three snowflake tattoo for girls and boys.The principle involved in the creation of snowflake tattoos is based on the fact that no individuals are the same with each other in the world.  Even snowflakes have their own differences in forms and shapes when they fall every second on earth.  They are very attractive in appearance since they are compiled into approximately 200 ice crystals formed in spectacular structures.

Thus, these tattoos stand for uniqueness and strong differences in designs.  They are made beautifully which can look their best in sizes and shapes.  This is exactly the reason why many people prefer to have these kinds of tats embedded on their bodies.  At a glance, the snowflakes may seem similar to each other, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find out that are great differences in their features.

This is the same way as assessing the profiles of individuals.  It’s not practical to generalize people based on

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Amazing Small Star Tattoos Can Make Your Body Look Sexier

By Tattoo Artist On September 28, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A small star at the back of girl's neck and the Chinese word "star" on shoulder blade.If you are a newbie in the field of tattooing and you want your 1st tattoo to be embedded now, you can consider selecting small star tattoos which are popular nowadays not only for girls but also for men.  Stars have always been hard to reach out, and the only way to touch them with your bare hands is through embedding them in your skin.  The beauty of stars and their inspirational mystery have been the subject of admiration for all generations.

Even science could not explain in precise details the relation of stars in human life and their specific function towards the earth.  With this mysterious profile, their beauty and brightness become the objects of attraction for human beings to explore.  While the scope of their study is limited to whatever available sources of knowledge are present on earth, people are confined to have a personal touch of stars through

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