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Cute Girly Skull Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On August 17, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A skull with pink ribbon tattoo design for girls.Nowadays, it seems that girls have become so adventurous in taste that they are no longer after glamorous tattoos, but want something unique and intimidating like the girly skull tattoos.  These kinds of tattoos have gained an immense popularity among the new breed of women tattoo enthusiasts especially girls.  You can find the skull symbol anywhere as instinctive nature of man like in bottles of poisonous drugs and chemicals, insecticides and extinguishers among others as a warning of death if taken by human beings and animals.

The portrait of a human skull having hollow eyes much bigger than ordinary eyes exhibits some sort of neoteny which attracts some people instead of fearing it.  This symbol was even used by sea pirates printed on their flags as a show of power and imminent danger to their preys.  Some people regard girly skull tattoos as protective instruments against death.  They are also used

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Girly Lower Back Tribal Tattoos

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A tribal tattoo at girl's lower back.The girly lower back tribal tattoos rose to prominence in the year 1990 when the cropped tops and time-half shirts were in fashion.  Because of this, most girls took the opportunity to display their body curves and sexy figures along with girly lower back tribal tattoos.  Even now, lower back tattoos are still popular for young ladies, and they take the chance to show them off when they’re on the beach or when they wear low-waist jeans.

With their purpose of highlighting their feminine sexy curves, girls prefer to place their girly lower back tribal tattoos in an oblong shape.  Usually, these tattoos are made with elongated lines, patters or designs.  The image of a dragon, heart, cross, dolphin, butterfly, or a star is placed at the center of the tattoo.  It is commonly surrounded with vines, wings, flames, or other forms of swirling designs.

A blue rose tribal tattoo at girl's lower back.

Girls make their tattoos wide at the

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Flower and Star Tattoos: All-Time Favorite for Girl

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Pink color flowers tattoo on girl's shoulder blade.Butterfly, flower and star tattoos all-time favorite designs for girls…

Do you want to have your first tattoo with cute and small designs of flower and star tattoos in order to have a trial test and get the feeling of it?  When girls come to the point of choosing the appropriate tat designs for their first tattoo, they usually choose popular designs like stars, butterfly and flowers.  Butterfly is the common choice of girls who want small tats as trial.

The obvious reason is that apart from its appealing aesthetics, girls are usually familiar with the meanings related to this small, but wonderful creature.  They know that butterflies signify development into a new life just like with a cocoon turned into a full-winged creature.  Due to the amazing features of a butterfly, it also represents hope, beauty and freedom.

Up to this day, star tattoos have remained also one of the top choices

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Feminine Foot Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On March 24, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Look Sexier and More Beautiful with Feminine Foot Tattoos!

Star tattoos on girl's foot.Many modern women of today prefer to have a Feminine Foot tattoo to add-up to their beauty and elegance.  Foot tattoos have gained popularity nowadays especially for ladies where they can be easily seen and embedded somewhere in their feet.  Women look fashionable and sexy with a foot tattoo that slides out of their shoes.  Most of them prefer to have this kind of tattoo because it can be hidden easily if needed, and can be displayed to close friends and intimates if they want to.

While men prefer to have big tattoos, women opt for small Feminine Foot tattoos decorated with attractive designs.  When women are asked what part of their bodies is the best place to have their tattoos, they would reveal instantly that it is the foot that is one of the best parts of their bodies to have it

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Creative Cute Girly Tattoos Make Women Look Younger

By Tattoo Artist On March 12, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A very creative letter "M" tattoo on girl's hip.One of the most popular tattoos nowadays for people of all ages is the cute girly tattoos.  Gone are those days when tattoos were viewed as a reflection of rebellious character, indecent portrayal of modernism, and a shocking display of a girl’s immoral behavior.  This sudden twist in people’s belief can be attributed to the famous personalities in the society such as those in the showbiz, celebrities, artists, wrestlers and other well-known characters who wear tattoos in different parts of their bodies.

In the past decade, tattoos have successfully evolved, gaining a wide acceptance and popularity among many people including celebrities.  Today, the latest statistics show that more than 6 per cent of the young ones wear cute girly tattoos, while 40 per cent of individuals above 25 years old up to 40 sport other kinds of tattoos.  Analysts have estimated that based on the current trend, the number of women

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