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Kabbalah Tattoos: Spiritual Relief and Divine Power

By Tattoo Artist On August 31, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Britney Spears Kabbalah tattoo at the back of her neck.The mystical legend of Kabbalah tattoos for spiritual relief and divine power…

In this modern era, Kabbalah tattoos have become very popular for people of all levels because of the famous celebrities that patronize them.  These tattoos are known to inspire inner spiritual beliefs among men in historical times.  Today, almost everyone is drawn to accept this type of tattoo as symbol of inner spirituality.  But if you are one of those people who are fascinated with having Kabbalah tattoos, it is important that you should have a sufficient knowledge of its meaning and origin before you make them appear in your body.

You must be aware that traditionally, Kabbalah tattoos are associated with Jewish mysticism related to their religious faith.  These tattoos reveal the exact secret meanings contained in the holy book of Jews, The Torah, which can help in exploring the hidden mysticism of Jewish spiritual beliefs.  In the ancient

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Italic Tattoos Lettering

By Tattoo Artist On August 27, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The Italic tattoo on man's forearm.Italic tattoos lettering is the phenomenal approach to modern tattooing…

For many years, people around the world have used images to portray anything that they want others to see; however, with the entry of modern times, a new phenomenon has emerged in using letters for tattooing purposes called Italic tattoos.  In this form of lettering, there are various choices of font styles that you can select from.  The most popular among them is the Italic font which is the most elegant and the best means of expressing yourself.

Many people opt to use lettering in combination with an image tat as a personal way of conveying their message through their tattoos.  This way, they are able to use both aspects in a single tat, and at the same time, retain the personal meaning that they want.  Although black is commonly preferred to be used in lettering, there is no limit as to

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Italian Symbol Tattoos are Great for Lovers

By Tattoo Artist On August 25, 2010 NO COMMENTS

An Italian flag with Italic tattoo on arm.Italian culture along with symbolism is recognized by many countries across the globe that is why Italian symbol tattoos are not strange to them.  A great number of tattoo fans love to etch these unique tat designs on their skins. These tattoos are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes that people can choose from.  But what makes the Italian tattoos preferred by tattoo fans all over the world?

There are a lot of things associated to the Italian culture that make these tattoos well-loved by tat aficionados.  Many people know that Italy is known for passion and romance, meaning that different stories and accounts of romance and love are traced to this country.  This is the reason why their tat designs are sought after by many people in the world.  In each tat design, there is corresponding message of romance and affection.

Not only that; Italians are noted for

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Mistakes in Choosing Chinese Symbols Tattoos Meaning

By Tattoo Artist On July 20, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A Chinese word with bamboo tattoo on choulder blade.Everyone… Beware of Errors in Choosing Chinese Symbols Tattoos Meaning!

Before you start embedding a Chinese tattoo, make sure that you have thoroughly researched on the Chinese symbols tattoos meaning; otherwise, it could be a big mistake that is difficult to rectify.  Compared to the alphabet, the Chinese have already created a well-developed system of writing dating back to 3000 years past.  Proofs of ancient writing were discovered printed on bamboo strips, potteries, brass vessels and bones.

Bear in mind that the Chinese way of writing does not make use of the alphabet, but merely on the meanings of symbols that make up the whole concept of spoken words.  In matters pertaining to a Chinese tattoo, take note that the Chinese symbol is not equivalent to a hieroglyph, but rather depicts the entire Chinese symbols tattoos meaning as spoken.  The symbols do not contain any single letter in the alphabet which is

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Calligraphy Tattoos: What You Should Know?

By Tattoo Artist On July 12, 2010 NO COMMENTS

An Arabic calligraphy tattoo on shoulder bladeWhen you drop by in a local body art shop, you’ll find that there are numerous types of tattoo designs that are available for embedding such as the calligraphy tattoo.  Many people consider tattoo as the best form to express one’s statement, and a way to display your personality and thinking.  There are a lot of customized tats, and ones that are made only for boys and girls.

Nowadays, there are special types of tat designs which are becoming popular. They are gaining an immense popularity especially among youngsters and teenagers.  The term calligraphy comes from 2 words which are kallos meaning beauty, and graphe which means writing.  Calligraphy has been used for many years, and the first writings were only in the form of capital letters.

In today’s fashion, however, this kind of art has been transformed into writing direct messages in the form of tattoos, and a way to display

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