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Great Tattoo Ideas for Mothers That You Can Be Proud of

By Tattoo Artist On October 12, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A pair of baby's feet print tattoo on mother's calf.If you are a mother who has been searching for a kind of tattoo design that is impressive in look, but you don’t have any tattoo ideas for mothers, this is now a great chance for you to have your obsession.  The whole process may not appear to be easy at all because it’s not only the tattoo which is at stake, but also your reputation to other people.  Your 1st step is to determine what you really want out of a design for a mother.

Try to come-up with your own tattoo idea that is impressive, and compare it with available tattoo ideas for mothers that you can find online.  Choose a kind of tattoo that you can dare to be with for many years without giving you any discomfort or stain to your appearance and personality.  Your chosen tattoo does not necessarily be large and sophisticated.  It can be

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Small Cute Heart Tattoos: Power of Love?

By Tattoo Artist On September 26, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Four cute and small heart tattoo at the back of girl's ear.When you’re in love, do you show it through other means aside from having small cute heart tattoos? The art of tattooing is the latest craze in expressing your love to someone without the necessity of saying it in words.  Love designs come in a wide variety of choices, and it’s the easiest category among tattoo selections that you can embed anytime you want.  However, it is best to choose a type of pattern that does not make use of the name of your spouse or sweetheart to avoid regrets in case of a divorce or separation.

Among the list of love designs that you can choose from, the heart is commonly used as symbol to express love and emotion.  The way heart tattoos are created today is entirely different from the designs of yesterday.  You have a lot of rooms to modify your small cute heart tattoos to make them

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Rose Heart Tattoos: How to Create Unique Designs?

By Tattoo Artist On September 22, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A blue rose with red heart tattoo design for men and women.For so many years, rose heart tattoos have been widely accepted as the most popular symbol for expression of perpetual love among sweethearts and couples.  This tattoo design is used commonly to bear the inscription of a love one, and a wide selection of designs is available in the market today or in online tattoo galleries.  If you are a devotee of Jesus, you can opt for the sacred heart design with an image of a heart with flames and thorns.

One of the rose heart tattoos is the picture of a heart pierced with an arrow symbolic of romance and undying love to a person.  Lovers who lose their love to someone else want to portray their heartaches through the use of a broken heart or bleeding heart design.  Loss of a lover either through death or separation is represented by the image of a heart with wings.  When you

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Italian Symbol Tattoos are Great for Lovers

By Tattoo Artist On August 25, 2010 NO COMMENTS

An Italian flag with Italic tattoo on arm.Italian culture along with symbolism is recognized by many countries across the globe that is why Italian symbol tattoos are not strange to them.  A great number of tattoo fans love to etch these unique tat designs on their skins. These tattoos are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes that people can choose from.  But what makes the Italian tattoos preferred by tattoo fans all over the world?

There are a lot of things associated to the Italian culture that make these tattoos well-loved by tat aficionados.  Many people know that Italy is known for passion and romance, meaning that different stories and accounts of romance and love are traced to this country.  This is the reason why their tat designs are sought after by many people in the world.  In each tat design, there is corresponding message of romance and affection.

Not only that; Italians are noted for

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History and Meaning of Claddagh Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On July 24, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A beautiful and meaningful claddagh tattoo design on calf.The Claddagh tattoos are historically memorable that depict a heart being held by both hands having a crown above the heart.  The tattoo is interpreted as “here is my heart in both hands crowning it with my love.”  The design is symbolic of love represented by the heart, offer of friendship symbolized by the hands, and commitment to loyalty signified by the crown.

A few stories are attached to claddagh tattoos, and one original story that happened in real life is believed by many historians.  History narrates that an Irish goldsmith by the name of Richard Joyce who comes from Galway, Ireland travelled to West Indies to do some work.  He left a promise to his sweetheart that they will get married as soon as he returns.  However, he was held captive, and sold to a Moorish goldsmith as a slave.

A claddagh tattoo at man's upper back.When William III became the king England, he was released as a

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