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Meaning of Celtic Love Knot Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On July 18, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Special red and white celtic love knot tattoo design.If you want a kind of tattoo that represents yourself, the Celtic love knot tattoos may be your best choice.  These tattoos are eye-catching that can boost your personality and the beauty of your body as a form of art.  It’s quite painful to have it, but it’s worth something to remain on your skin forever.  For a lot of people, it’s not only a form of art; it also symbolizes what things they believe in.

It reminds them of significant memories that should never be forgotten.  At this point, you should be aware of some kinds of Celtic love knot tattoos that have special meanings.  The simplest type of these tattoos is the trinity Celtic knot which has a three-cornered pattern representing the Holy Trinity composed of the Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A simple celtic love knot tattoo design for male and female.Next is the quaternary knot which has 4 corners, and more complicated designs compared to trinity knot. 

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Four Heart With Wings Tattoos Meaningful Memories

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A heart with wings and roses tattoo design.When tattoos were introduced in time immemorial, they were crafted mostly as decoration for the body, but today, one of the reasons why they are being worn by modern people is to serve as fashion statement just like the heart with wings tattoos.  By wearing tattoos on your body, you can attract public attention especially the opposite sex.

Tattoos are also used as strong expression of one’s belief and statement.  Today, more people are no longer interested in choosing attractive tat designs in random; they are now more inclined to select the designs that suit their personality, and anything that describes them most in reality.  However, there are still popular tat designs that don’t focus too much on individual personality, but more on universal aspect such as the heart with wings tattoos.

A heart with wings and barbwire tattoo at man's back.Several designs of these tats are available like the broken heart, flaming heart tat, etc. that have different meanings.  The

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Lovely Matching Sister Tattoos

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Lovely Matching Sister Tattoos is a Great Way of Showing Your Unconditional Love to Your Sister.Twin sister flower tattoos on girls' shoulder back.

In the past few years, the matching sister tattoos have become so popular for women who want to show their ardent affection towards their sisters.  They want to make it clearer than words to show the public their strong bonds with their sisters.  This is a silent way of conveying their relief and security that they have someone to lean on in times of adversities.

These sister tattoo ideas have become widely accepted by women of all ages especially teenagers, in their desire to create a lasting friendship and sisterhood with their sisters.  In fact, the true meaning of sisters here may not only refer to women in the family, but also to a specific organization of women who are bonded together as sisters.  They may be sisters in faith, sisters in frats, women with the

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Creative Love Memory Tattoos

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Big heart with arrow tattoo design.Love memory tattoos are as important as any other message or symbolic tattoo. These tattoos reflect the emphasis given to the relationship be it a lover, friend, organization or mentor. They come in various types.

1. Banner Style Tattoo
Banners come in different styles and on the banner the lettering could be cursive writing or the usual banner style. While cursive style is common and popular for love memory tattoos, keep in mind that nowadays a vast variety of fonts are available to choose from. The writing could be with or without banner.

You could do well to select your font first and then decide whether you need a banner. The font also should be selected with the person you have in mind to whom you are paying the lifelong tribute.

2. Personal Touch Tattoo:
In this kind of love memory tattoo, you have to think of what is dear to the respective person or

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