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Tattoo Artists Ideas: Angel Wings

By Tattoo Artist On July 9, 2012 NO COMMENTS

Wing Tattoos at Full Back (Angel or Devil)   

Wings represent the ultimate power of flight. The ability to fly away touches a deep yearning in people to break free from whatever is holding them back in life. At the same time, wings can also depict protection and guidance. This is especially true of angel wings. People who display angel wing tattoos often feel that they have the freedom to take their lives in a different direction and still be protected in that move.

Tattoo angel wings with crossIn recent years, both men and women are choosing angel wing tattoos. Traditional angel wings cover both shoulder blades and are usually applied with black ink. Women sometimes choose smaller ones that are placed on the back of a neck, on a shoulder blade or the inside a wrist. Sometimes, angel wing tattoos include other symbols in the design. However, nothing can quite compare to the dramatic “full

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Wing Tattoos at Full Back: Angel or Devil?

By Tattoo Artist On October 18, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A perfect wings tattoo at woman's full back.For professional people who want the kinds of tattoos that can be easily displayed and hidden with clothes, wing tattoos at full back are best for them.  But before you go to a tattoo artist, you have to determine 1st your ultimate desire, whether you want them hidden or ones that can be showed off at an instant.  You have to find out also if there is a rule in your office prohibiting employees from wearing tattoos.

If you’re applying for a job, it could be best for you to forego your decision to etch wing tattoos at full back in the meantime because there are employers who don’t accept applicants embedded with transparent tattoos on their skins.  Of course your have to give priority to your career than your tattoo obsessions.  But if there is no restrictions on tattoos that are hidden, then you can consider having large wing tattoos

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Printable Angel Wing Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On September 16, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The huge wings tattoo at the back.Printable angel wing tattoos may just be the answer to your long search for tattoos that can meet your taste and standards.  These tattoos have different meanings for both genders, and when you etch them on your body, there can be no negative impression that you’ll get from others.  For males, this tattoo represents their deep respect for the opposite sex.  This can also be used as something to indicate their strong love for a woman.

For females, printable angel wing tattoos signify their inherent purity and beauty. For other people, this angel tattoo may represent their personal obsession for a unique ornament, and a few would choose printable angel wing tattoos to protect them against evil forces.  In general, this tattoo is a mythical symbol that may be impressive to anyone who sees it.  A pair of angel wings can fit well either on the lower back or upper back

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Gothic Fairy Tattoos that Fascinate People

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A little gothic fairy tattoo for girls.The fascinating stories of fantasies have always been a great source of ideas for crafting tattoos that are appealing to people as in the case of Gothic fairy tattoos.  Gothic fairies are known in the mythical world as spirits that come from the metaphysical realm.  In the West, different kinds of fairies in various forms and shapes have long existed in their cultures particularly those that originate from Persian myth and Celtic groups.

Many people across the globe associate fairies with angels, and some believe that they are wicked creatures who can bring dangers and disasters with their magical powers.  For children, fairies are perceived to look like humans with wings as a more popular appearance.  Kids are fascinated with the outfit of fairies and their magic wands that symbolize the ability to defeat evil by good spirits.  In case of Gothic fairy tattoos, good spirits are more emphasized than evil

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Story Behind Faerie Tattoo Designs

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A tribal butterfly wings tattoo design on girl's right shoulder blade.Every time people see forests, woods and nature, they remember fairies where fairy tales and faerie tattoo originated.  These mystical creatures are attractive to children because they are symbolic of mystery, simplicity and beauty.  Their legends bring rich imagination, happiness and hope for the readers and believers.  The simple story of innocence induces many people especially ladies to get the appropriate tattoo designs.

It is a common belief even in the olden times that fairies symbolize a degree of elegance and childish cheerfulness that is why many women are drawn to it.  When it comes to faerie tattoo designs, they are crafted using different bold colors or images that are drawn with single-toned color, bright colors with dark inks or stars, tribal designs, the beauty of nature seen at the background, etc.

The fairies themselves are usually featured surrounded with flowers, trees, leaves or mushrooms.  They are also moving around with tiny

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