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Is Statue Liberty Tattoo Only for Patriotic Citizens?

By Tattoo Artist On October 4, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A statue liberty with "America" tattoo design on calf.It is widely believed that those who wear Statue Liberty tattoos are all patriotic citizens of America.  But what about those people from other countries wearing this kind of tattoo; what is their purpose in wearing it?  The Statue of Liberty is known across the globe as symbol of freedom, justice, independence and liberty.  Basically, it represents the enduring principles of liberty of American people.  It depicts the struggle for freedom of Americans since time immemorial.

The principles embodied in the Statue Liberty tattoo represent the unwavering love for country, patriotism and unity among people in times of war and in times of peace.  The Statue of Liberty does not only signify the undying principles of American people, but also widely accepted as patriotic commitment of people in support of their nation across the globe.  Anyone who bears the Statue Liberty tattoo in other parts of the world thinks of serving

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Symbolic Eagle Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 30, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The patriotic eagle with American flag tattoo design for men ang women.What people perceive about you when you are wearing the symbolic eagle tattoo designs?

In the past, Eagle tattoo designs are symbolic of freedom and masculinity where the eagle symbolizes the sun in ancient history.  The eagle was worshipped by the Kopts as icon of strength and elusive power, while the Greeks and Persians recognized it with incomparable significance.

Ancient people believe that Eagle tattoo designs reflect power, wealth, success, prosperity and strength.  Military men and patriotic citizens prefer to have eagle tattoos in their bodies as a reminder of liberty and freedom.  These tattoos are combined with flags, emblems and banners portraying acts of patriotism as homage to the whole nation.

It was at the time of George Washington as the 1st President of the US that the eagle was chosen as the symbol of the great nation.  In North America, bald eagles could be found representing enormous power.  The Eagle tattoo

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Eagle Globe Anchor Tattoos: American Patriotic Spirits

By Tattoo Artist On March 14, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Classic golden Eagle Globe Anchor TattoosPatriotism can be Best Shown through an Eagle Globe Anchor Tattoo…

Since the early times, Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo has been worn by many patriotic people of America.  This tattoo symbolizes the unwavering patriotism of American citizens in all walks of life and in all ages.  You can see this tattoo mostly on men in uniform as an emblem of the Marine Corps.  If you are attracted to have it on your body, it is best to determine 1st its origin as well as its meaning and importance to the lives of American people

The Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo has been prominent in America dating back to 1868 as a significant contribution of the 7th Commandant, Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin.  Prior to this, the fouled anchor or the spread eagle was used as symbol of patriotism by the Marine Corps.  However, the General felt dissatisfied with it and preferred a more distinguished

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