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Practical Options of Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On September 6, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Henna hand tattoo for girls.You may be so excited now to have your first tattoo, but aren’t sure yet which is the most appropriate one to be embedded permanently on your body, so, why not try long lasting temporary tattoos?  Tattoo is the hottest thing nowadays, and everyone is interested to get one whether a student, professional or an employee.

The problem is that how would you know that it is the best tattoo for you that you won’t regret later, and be compelled to remove it by laser?  Then, it’s time to consider getting temporary tats that are long lasting before you finally choose one for permanent inking.  There are 3 most popular tattoos of these kinds that are best options to a traditional and permanent tat.  They are Henna, airbrushed and stick-on tattoos.

Henna tattoos originated from the ancient Middle East and Indian forms of art.  They have been crafted for so many years,

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How to Choose Great Firefighting Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On August 7, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Simple firefigthing tattoo design for men of women.People choose to have firefighting tattoos etched on their bodies as traditional symbol of honor, bravery and courage, as well as a show of deep respect toward firefighters.  Some don’t have respect or meanings of the tat design in their minds, but only to have a unique design on their skins.  Each symbol of the firefighter tat design has a great meaning for both genders that is why many people want them even if they are not concerned at all with firefighting.

You’ll find in this article how to create unique and attractive designs of firefighting tattoos that can suit your taste.  However, you should think first which placement area of your body you want to have a tattoo.  After this, you should pick the appropriate size of your tattoo in which case, you probably need an expert’s help.

If this is your first time to have a tattoo on your body

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How to Make Fake Tattoos that Look Real!

By Tattoo Artist On August 5, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Fake tattoos design on model's body.One good thing about fake tattoos that look real is that you can wear them for a one night stand in a certain occasion, and remove them after use.  They can also serve as a test to view how they will look when you have decided to embed them permanently.  You can even transfer any picture into it, and apply any color that you desire.  You can remove fake tattoos immediately if you want, or just let them fade for a few days depending on the type of marker used.

Fake tattoos that look real are useful in parties, Halloween costumes or to try how they would look on your skin.  If you really want something that looks real on your body without embedding it permanently, then, you can opt to choose your design carefully.  Nowadays, there a lot of artists that are expert in creating temporary tat designs.

Their works are

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Fashionable Shoulder Blades Tattoos for Men and Women

By Tattoo Artist On July 10, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A ladybug with leaf tattoo on girl's shoulder blade.This article will discuss matters pertaining to blades tattoos but before that, let’s have some historical information about tattoos.  This kind of body artwork has its great beginning about 5,000 years ago.  In ancient cultures, tattooing was performed as a kind of body modification for various reasons such as to profess sacrifice and love, to convey a personal message, to signify fertility in both genders, to serve as an honorable pass, to portray religious devotion, etc.

All individuals have their own respective motives in having tattoos etched on their bodies as permanent symbols of their personal statements, their lifestyles, fashion, beliefs and religious affiliation, among others.  Many people in different cultures across the globe embed tattoos on their hips, legs, arms, shoulders, backs and faces.  Shoulder blades tattoos are preferred mostly by fashionable men and women around the world.

A pretty pink and orange color butterfly tattoo for women.One good thing about this kind of tattoo is that it can be

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