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Your tattoo its origins and looking after it

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Tattoo Methods

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. Its origins most likely lie in ancient Egypt. Throughout the years, different cultures have used many different tools and methods. As society evolved, so did technology, and today’s methods are far different than those of ancient times.

Old tattoo implements and their origin

Essentially, a tattoo is the placement of pigment into the second layer of skin (the dermal tissue that lies below the epidermis) to create a design.

Some tribal cultures cut channels into the skin and then rubbed in ashes, inks or other agents. Other cultures used sharpened sticks or animal bones to hand-tap the ink into the skin.   The traditional Japanese method still uses non-electrical, hand-made tools of sharp bamboo or steel.

Hawaiian hand-tapped tattoos are currently experiencing a comeback. However, there are many protocols involved, and it is more of a sacred ceremony than simple body art. The   Hawaiian tattooist chooses the design, which is based

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How Miami Ink Tattoo Gallery Satisfies its Clients

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The Miami Ink sailboat tattoo on sleeve.The name Miami ink tattoo gallery has something to do with “Miami Ink,” a reality show that you can view at the TLC, otherwise known as The Learning Channel where you can find several famous tattoo artists affiliated with “Miami Ink.”  These are 6 expert guys out there who are known in the field of tattooing that include Kat Von D, Yoji Harada, Darren Brass, Chris Garver, Chris Nunez and Ami James.

The Miami ink tattoo gallery show has a line up of Kat known as the “Queen of Portraits” who fills-in for the role of Darren due to an injury he sustained, and Yoji as a newcomer who became an expert tattooist later on. The drama also includes Darren, the nice guy profile, Garver, as the clever one, Nunez who has lots of sex appeal, and Ami playing the role of a tough guy.

If you are a constant follower of

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