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Raging Bull Tattoos: Symbol of Immense Taurus Power

By Tattoo Artist On March 4, 2010 NO COMMENTS

How a Raging Bull Tattoo Fits Your Body as Symbol of Immense Power?

An angry bull tattoo inked on shoulder.People under the zodiac sign, Taurus, would probably choose the popular Raging Bull tattoo to be printed in their bodies as the symbol of Taureans.  This tattoo can be their best pick among other tattoos because apart from being the symbol of their zodiac sign, it is associated with ambition, consistency, dedication and stability.  These are the known to be the inherent descriptions of a Taurean.  While the raging bull is believed to represent an absolute strong masculinity, on the contrary, it also stands for soft feminine energy.

Based on the Greek mythology, Zeus, the greatest among the Gods, used a bull in order to subdue the threat of a female enemy named Europa.  With this mythological story, a conviction arose recognizing the Raging Bull tattoo as symbol of immense power and masculinity combined with feminine attributes like passion. 

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Aries Ram Tattoos: Amazing Enthusiasm and Energy

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Full Back Aries Ram Tattoo on man.How Aries Became the First Star in the Constellation as Depicted in Aries Ram Tattoos?

Since time immemorial, people covered under the zodiac sign of Aries have been fascinated in wearing Aries Ram tattoos in their bodies because they are attracted profoundly with planets and stars that govern their lives on earth.  These tattoos have gained a wide acceptance from people of all ages across the globe among other zodiac signs because they are symbols of ambition, adventure and energy.

Arians are known to possess qualities such as deep and honest concern for others, bravery, strong initiative, liberty, enthusiasm, self-confidence, active life and deep thoughts.  These are the characters represented in Aries Ram tattoos that you should be aware of if you are planning to etch them in your body.  These tattoos are not new in fashion as they have already been used by the ancient civilization.

Exotic Aries Ram Tattoo on Sleeve.

It is just a matter of

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