Celestial Moon Sun Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 14, 2010 Under Star Tattoos

Kissing moon and sun tattoo for male and female.The Great Significance of having Celestial Moon Sun Tattoo Designs…

Here is a kind of tattoo that combines strong and weak forces of nature that meets the standard mixture of compatibility involving celestial moon sun tattoo designs.  While the strong force represents the sun and the moon stands for the weak side, it can also be interpreted as combination of yang and yin energies, yang being the stronger one.

With this combination of the sun and the moon put together in celestial moon sun tattoo designs, an amazing union of stronger and more powerful forces is thus created.  This great combination of forces is symbolic of compatibility between harmony and balance as they represent the grand sources of dominance on earth.  The sun being the active element and the moon, the passive element, when combined together make a powerful union of forces.

A blue moon and orange sun tattoo at girl's lower back.The celestial moon sun tattoo designs depict a kind of tat that deals with great forces of nature.  They can also be viewed as a dual identity between the good sides of life versus the bad side.  These tattoo designs can be printed either in multiple colors or merely in black ink.  You can have them etched on the upper portion of your body where they are best suited such as the shoulder blade, upper back and the nape.

However, you can be flexible in embedding the celestial moon sun tattoo designs on any part of your body depending on your desire to have them more visible and appealing to others as a symbol of extra-terrestrial beauty and divine works of art.  Having a distinctive character, when the moon and the sun are unified together, they form an amazing balance of powerful characteristics.  While the sun symbolizes the masculine force, the moon represents the feminine aspects of life.

This contrast of character make them more interesting to analyze with the sun representing authority, power, wisdom and strength, while the moon stands for instincts, emotions, love and beauty.  The celestial moon sun tattoo designs could also be interpreted as the union of husband and wife in a marital relationship where the husband takes care of strong decisions, and the wife serves as the balancing factor to create a well-balanced decision-making.

A special color moon sun and stars tattoo on calf.

Therefore, all these important characters that makes up the union of the mighty sun and the calm nature of the moon when achieved by all individuals on earth make this planet a nice place to live in as depicted by the celestial moon sun tattoo designs.  These 2 celestial forces epitomize the grand principles of generative cycles of man involving the active forces of nature and the passive elements.

A moon sun tattoo on female's left foot.

The sun serves as the “driving power” of all men that originates from God’s divine power to remind all human beings about the purpose of their existence on earth.  It is an emblem that reminds people of the divine power existing on this planet that provides physical existence and divine provisions for continuity of life on earth.  The moon is indicative of feminine principles and psyche associated with intuitions and feelings.  All these are inscribed in celestial moon sun tattoo designs that make them interesting to have.

Amazing dragon moon sun tattoo design on man's left shoulder blade.


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