Courage Tattoos: Tiger and Panther Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 26, 2010 Under Animal Tattoos

A strength tribal tiger head tattoo design.If you are planning to have a unique tattoo, and now in the process of evaluating which one is best fitted for you, a tiger tat design which is one of the unique courage tattoos can fit in your body.  If you’re thinking that it’s too fierce to have it on your skin, you can forget that prejudice now.  The current tattooing techniques have made it great to alter the impression of tat enthusiasts toward tattoo designs.

The tiger is an icon of strength, courage, beauty and wisdom.  This strong animal is known to be fierce, courageous, swift and meek, but it can be violent once it is underestimated and intimidated since it could kill the moment it becomes upset. These large cats have been successfully domesticated and trained by animal trainers in Thailand.

With regard to a tiger tat design for your first tattoo on your skin, it is best to conduct a thorough research first.  Moreover, you should heed to an advice of a tat artist to make your first tattoo successful without any feeling of regret later on.  You can choose from plenty of choices regarding the courage tattoos with the tiger in various moods.  A tiger walking around bamboo plants can be your choice, or an illustration of a tiger devouring its victim can also be another one.

A orange color tiger with Maori tattoo on man's left arm.

The orange or yellow color of the tiger with black stripes can attract attention when they are permanently inked on your body.  Nowadays, the tiger has become very popular in tat designs across the globe.  Apart from this, new illustrations are coming up everyday due to continuous demand from the tattoo industry.  If you want to etch courage tattoos portrayed by a tiger or a panther, you can easily have them by visiting your local tat parlor, or you can search online.

A popular panther tattoo design for male and female.You can also have a panther tattoo which is also popular and sought after by a lot of men.  The reason for this is that the panther is a symbol of strength, swiftness, aggression, valor, courage, guardianship and power.  This animal is considered as the most ferocious animal in the US.  In fact, it is even more dangerous and fiercer than the lion, tiger or leopard based on pound per pound aggression.

Men love to convey their masculinity and strength through tattooing courage tattoos that is why they prefer to have panther tat designs.  For this kind of body art, several variations are available.  You can opt to have a black-colored crawling panther, or a panther head which is symbolic of strong belief in psychic and spiritual faith as well as artistic matters.  Tribal panther tats are also becoming popular, and they are made-up of black bold lines with curves to portray the animal’s outline.

A powerful panther tattoo on man's arm.

Since the panther is big and more detailed in form, its tat design is commonly placed on the arms, back, chest, thighs and legs.  The courage tattoos designs have also captivated female tattoo enthusiasts because they symbolize passion and gentleness in caring for their kids, but fearless to defend their families against oppression.


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