Creative Cute Girly Tattoos Make Women Look Younger

By Tattoo Artist On March 12, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos

A very creative letter "M" tattoo on girl's hip.One of the most popular tattoos nowadays for people of all ages is the cute girly tattoos.  Gone are those days when tattoos were viewed as a reflection of rebellious character, indecent portrayal of modernism, and a shocking display of a girl’s immoral behavior.  This sudden twist in people’s belief can be attributed to the famous personalities in the society such as those in the showbiz, celebrities, artists, wrestlers and other well-known characters who wear tattoos in different parts of their bodies.

In the past decade, tattoos have successfully evolved, gaining a wide acceptance and popularity among many people including celebrities.  Today, the latest statistics show that more than 6 per cent of the young ones wear cute girly tattoos, while 40 per cent of individuals above 25 years old up to 40 sport other kinds of tattoos.  Analysts have estimated that based on the current trend, the number of women having tattoos will equal the number of men who have them in the next generation.

Girl's sporty tattoo design.The reason for this is that a lot of women now have become competitive with men in many aspects such as profession, intelligence and sports.  Most women have become more liberated, and have successfully broken the barrier between them and the opposite sex as far as gender is concerned.  At present, many women are fascinated with having tattoos like men, and anywhere you go, you can find cute girly tattoos etched in many girls on the streets, in parks and in schools.

In fact, some of your friends and relatives may already have 1 or 2 cute girly tattoos hidden in different parts of their bodies.  You may be wondering what makes them decide to have tattoos, and you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s because of fashion, curiosity and group recognition.  These types of cute and sexy girly tattoos are generally intended for females specifically the young ones.  However, because of their smart outlook, they also become an attraction to older women.

Cute girly tattoos are usually smaller, finer and delicate with markings of thin lines, Colorful game catoon tattoo design on both ankle.objects or letters.  They are located mostly in strategic areas of the body that appear to be an accent or accessory rather than as a tattoo.  Girls prefer to have them in their favorite areas such as the ankle, lower back, left shoulder, upper breast part and the bikini area.  More often, the lower back area is preferred because the tattoos are not obviously seen just like in the upper breast part and bikini areas which they can show surprisingly when they wear sexy shirts and 2-piece bikinis.

Girls can have the cute and beautiful girly tattoos also in their left shoulder, and being identical Swallow bird tattoo designs on both foot.located in this favorite feminine spot, they appear as a beautiful accent especially when a halter top or tank top is worn.  On the other hand, ankle tattoos can be emphasized as cool accents when girls wear flip-flops on the beach or in malls.  Cute girly tattoos can be in the form of flowers, heart designs, roses, dolphins, Celtic designs, butterflies, fairies, angels and many more that you can find in the internet.


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