Creative Love Memory Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On January 29, 2010 Under Love Tattoos

Big heart with arrow tattoo design.Love memory tattoos are as important as any other message or symbolic tattoo. These tattoos reflect the emphasis given to the relationship be it a lover, friend, organization or mentor. They come in various types.

1. Banner Style Tattoo
Banners come in different styles and on the banner the lettering could be cursive writing or the usual banner style. While cursive style is common and popular for love memory tattoos, keep in mind that nowadays a vast variety of fonts are available to choose from. The writing could be with or without banner.

You could do well to select your font first and then decide whether you need a banner. The font also should be selected with the person you have in mind to whom you are paying the lifelong tribute.

2. Personal Touch Tattoo:
In this kind of love memory tattoo, you have to think of what is dear to the respective person or organization. It could be a flower, color, some special article, animal, place or a photo of the person or an emblem. Creating a personal touch tattoo is a little tough but with a little bit of artistry on the designer’s part it can be achieved.

3. Symbolic Love Memory Tattoos:

Symbolic tattoos are always a safe fall back for any kind of tattoo. You can choose a design which will symbolize the person who you admire or love. Designs can be chosen to identify with the qualities the person has, like strength, beauty, determination, ambition etc. Mom and Dad's twin heart tattoo.These tattoos are eminently suitable as love memory tattoos since they revere the person you love and also act as a catalyst to your sincerity and dedication.

4. Heart Tattoo:
Another popular love memory tattoo is the heart tattoo. You can simply have a heart tattoo on your chest or have the name also inked on it for emphasis. Heart tattoos come in different stylish designs.


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