Custom Tattoo Designs

By Tattoo Artist On July 31, 2012 Under Special Tattoos

Custom Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for a tattoo design that is uniquely yours, a custom tattoo may be the answer. There has been an increased interest in this approach over the past few years. People are looking for designs that distinguish Custom Tattoo Designsthem from everyone else.

There are several ways to develop a custom design. But before you begin, it is important to consider where you want to place your tattoo, its size, its color and its style.

Where you place a tattoo will have an effect on the design. Your body has many curves, and unless it is very small, the design will need to flow with the lines of your body. As you age, some parts will be more subject to “wear and tear.” Another consideration is that some of the more protected body sites are particularly tender.

Size is also a factor. You may want to design a small tattoo if this is your first attempt to create a custom design. If you want to include a variety of colors, it is important to understand that this will be more costly. Also, it you think you will ultimately want to have more than one tattoo, consider using a uniform color like black.

Unique Styles of Tattoo

There are many styles of tattoos. Many are symbolic. Research their meaning so that you fully understand the design’s implications. Your design is a life-long representation of you. Take the time to think about your values and what you are communicating with your design.

If you decide to design the tattoo by yourself, remember that tattoo art is different than traditional art. Study stock designs and notice these differences, such as distinct and clean lines. There are websites that offer you software to make designing easier for you. Or you may want to look at a variety of stock designs from online sources and draw inspiration from them to create your own.

Some online marketplaces sell stencils of designs that you can order and take directly to a tattoo studio. This approach isn’t strictly custom, but it does give you access to a wide range of choices that you may not find in other ways. Ideas for Tattoos on female back

There are also websites that host custom tattoo design contests where clients have the opportunity to interact. Tattoo artists work to a client’s specifications and the client chooses the winner. The winning designer receives a monetary prize, and the client receives a stencil of the winning design. This allows designers to display their skills to a wide audience, and the client can choose which design is perfect for them.

Another alternative is to sketch your design first and take it to an experienced tattoo artist who will translate your ideas into a design suitable for tattoo application. Or you might take your design to a tattoo studio and work with the tattoo professional who will be applying your tattoo.

There are so many benefits to a custom design approach. Virtually no one will have a design exactly like yours. It is a flexible approach that allows you to have final control of your design, and yet you also will have access to the many beautiful designs online for your inspiration.

Whether you draw it yourself (working with a tattoo professional); or commission an experienced artist to translate your ideas into a stencil; or just take advantage of online marketplace contests or products, you will take pride in your very special creation.


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