Cute Girly Skull Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On August 17, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos

A skull with pink ribbon tattoo design for girls.Nowadays, it seems that girls have become so adventurous in taste that they are no longer after glamorous tattoos, but want something unique and intimidating like the girly skull tattoos.  These kinds of tattoos have gained an immense popularity among the new breed of women tattoo enthusiasts especially girls.  You can find the skull symbol anywhere as instinctive nature of man like in bottles of poisonous drugs and chemicals, insecticides and extinguishers among others as a warning of death if taken by human beings and animals.

The portrait of a human skull having hollow eyes much bigger than ordinary eyes exhibits some sort of neoteny which attracts some people instead of fearing it.  This symbol was even used by sea pirates printed on their flags as a show of power and imminent danger to their preys.  Some people regard girly skull tattoos as protective instruments against death.  They are also used as talisman by groups of people like the bikers.

There are guys who prefer girly skull tattoos etched on their bodies as a reminder of close encounter with death in which they were able to survive such as fatal accident, chronic disease and attempted murder.  It is even surprising to know that some people treat them as something that brings good luck.  Still, these girly skull tattoos remind people of leading a continuous life full of hope and bravery, ready to accept any form of adversities that may come their way.

An amazing girly skull tattoo design on forearm.

A cute girly skull with stars tattoo on girl's right arm.With this sophisticated life, women like to experiment on different things and having girly skull tattoos etched on their bodies is one of them. If you are one of them who want to try the skull symbol tattooed on your skin, make sure that you know the meaning of this tattoo design.  Get an expert tattoo artist and let him polish the rough edges of your skin to become smooth.  There is a wide selection of skull designs that you can choose from such as a skull wrapped by a banner with a name written on it.

You can also opt for girly skull tattoos with the image of a skull or several skulls engulfed in flames.  If you want to make it cute and feminine, you can have a skull surrounded with flowers like lilies, hibiscus or roses.  A skull tattoo that goes along with a smiley indicates that the girl or woman is ready to face the challenges of life with much enthusiasm and courage in a relaxed manner.  If you want to have some fun, you can combine the skull with funny objects like spoon and fork, or you can design your own skull with cartoon eyes or hollow eyes filled with empty sockets.

The wearing scarf skull tattoo design for feminine.

The girly skull tattoos can have thorns and vines that mean softness and gentle behavior in good times, but can be as brittle as a nut when challenged, symbolic of your own character.  Other designs of girly skull tattoos can be in the form of a skull blended with multiple colors, skull with cross bones, and skull with tribal symbols.

Teo roses with girly skull tattoo at girl's upper back.


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