Dragon Tattoo for Women

By Tattoo Artist On August 14, 2012 Under Girl Tattoos

Woman Dragon Tattoo Image

Although dragon tattoos are more commonly seen on men, women are now being drawn to these mystical creatures as tattoo choices. A recent smash movie of the same name has created a rise in the popularity of this style of tattoo.

The dragon tattoo symbolizes qualities like strength, courage, wisdom and power. There are many variations of this design. Many are exceptionally beautiful with striking colors and have become favored by female celebrities like Angelina Jolie, who displays a dragon tattoo on her upper left arm.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Dragons mean different things to different people. Men often identify with them because strength and power are generally important to them. Women see dragons as a representation of the creator and protector of life, just as they often see themselves as creators of life and protectors of children.

People in the Eastern hemisphere believe that the dragon is a benevolent protector; these dragons have slender bodies and no wings. In contrast, people in the west tend to consider the dragon as a winged evil spirit that is characterized by fire-breathing powers.

Girl Dragon tattoo SideAmong all of the design variations, Chinese and Japanese dragons have gained the most popularity among women. These tattoos resonate with women because of their association with health, intelligence, luck and harmony. These rather large designs are most beautifully displayed on the back and arms.





Types of Dragon Tattoos

Some of the types of eastern dragons are:

  • The Horned Dragon
  • The Celestial Dragon
  • The Earth Dragon
  • The Spiritual Dragon
  • The Treasure Dragon
  • The Winged Dragon
  • The Coiling Dragon
  • The Yellow Dragon

While men usually place dragon tattoos on their backs, arms, shoulders or legs, women generally choose their shoulders, backs, sides, ankles or feet.

Girl Dragon Tattoo Shoulder

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