Eagle Globe Anchor Tattoos: American Patriotic Spirits

By Tattoo Artist On March 14, 2010 Under Patriotic Tattoos

Classic golden Eagle Globe Anchor TattoosPatriotism can be Best Shown through an Eagle Globe Anchor Tattoo…

Since the early times, Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo has been worn by many patriotic people of America.  This tattoo symbolizes the unwavering patriotism of American citizens in all walks of life and in all ages.  You can see this tattoo mostly on men in uniform as an emblem of the Marine Corps.  If you are attracted to have it on your body, it is best to determine 1st its origin as well as its meaning and importance to the lives of American people

The Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo has been prominent in America dating back to 1868 as a significant contribution of the 7th Commandant, Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin.  Prior to this, the fouled anchor or the spread eagle was used as symbol of patriotism by the Marine Corps.  However, the General felt dissatisfied with it and preferred a more distinguished design to symbolize the gallantry of the Marines.

He soon decided to extract the idea based on British history where globe was the designated emblem of the Royal Marines as conferred in 1827 by King George IV.  Later, the emblem became famous all over the world as symbol of Royal Marines military achievements.  This event gave rise to the popularity of the Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo as icon of gallantry to the men in uniform.

The Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo also represents patriotism of the Maritime Services, and imparts greatness not only to the military, but also to all citizens to play an active role for their country.  This tattoo recognizes sacred values of the highest order to the bearer honoring people who have embedded them permanently in their bodies up to their death in battle.  The emblem is a great factor of motivating citizens to reconstruct and rehabilitate the nation in times of crisis.

In an effort to create a new dimension for American people, the Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo inspires the citizens to ward-off any adverse feelings against their nation.  With its historical legacy, this tattoo reflects Americans’ love for their country whether in times of adversities or in good times.  For this, the Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo is admired all over the world as a great art creation.

Patriotic people and those who want to accomplish something for their country opt to have an Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo to remind them of their unwavering commitment to achieve something honorable for their country as embodied in their skins.  However, if you are a kind of person who takes things at an impulse, it would be better for you to have a broad understanding on what the Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo is all about before you ink it permanently in your body.

You should never take it as fad, but more of a commitment to render something good for your country.  This way, you will feel its great meaning, and its distinctive aim geared only towards patriotic citizens.  Once you succeed in analyzing that you’re worth it, then, it’s time to have your final decision on having the Eagle Globe Anchor tattoo appear on your skin permanently.


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