Fashionable Shoulder Blades Tattoos for Men and Women

By Tattoo Artist On July 10, 2010 Under Special Tattoos

A ladybug with leaf tattoo on girl's shoulder blade.This article will discuss matters pertaining to blades tattoos but before that, let’s have some historical information about tattoos.  This kind of body artwork has its great beginning about 5,000 years ago.  In ancient cultures, tattooing was performed as a kind of body modification for various reasons such as to profess sacrifice and love, to convey a personal message, to signify fertility in both genders, to serve as an honorable pass, to portray religious devotion, etc.

All individuals have their own respective motives in having tattoos etched on their bodies as permanent symbols of their personal statements, their lifestyles, fashion, beliefs and religious affiliation, among others.  Many people in different cultures across the globe embed tattoos on their hips, legs, arms, shoulders, backs and faces.  Shoulder blades tattoos are preferred mostly by fashionable men and women around the world.

A pretty pink and orange color butterfly tattoo for women.One good thing about this kind of tattoo is that it can be worn by all ages regardless of gender, and there is a wide variety of designs that can be etched on your shoulder blades whatever you think is most appropriate.  Today, there are a lot of new tattoo designs that you can choose from for your shoulder blades.  The female shoulder tattoo is fitted for fashionable women who want a type of tattoo to be more than just an ordinary body art.

While it used to be common for men in the past, even women prefer to have it engraved on their skin because it enhances the beauty of their shoulders.  Currently, many of them are no longer interested to have the typical blade designs such as fish, lizards, skulls, birds, flowers, stars, butterflies, and other ordinary designs.  They are more inclined to have feminine types of blades tattoos that are attractive and delicate.

While this is true for a lot of women nowadays, there are also some who want shocking type of tattoos that are abstract and bold colored; those that are also preferred by men.  The shoulder blade tattoo for men is more desired by adults as a sign of rebellion, but others look at it as a great fashion.  So, if you want to have a tattoo printed on your shoulder, choose the right kind of a tat design.

Green lizard tattoo design for male and female.Remember that it will stay in your body forever unless you’re ready for an expensive and painful removal of your tat later on if you want so.  It’s great to have a kind of shoulder blades tattoos design that will stand out from the rest, and has a significant meaning attached to it.  Bold shoulder tats are more popular with men because they have a wider space to accommodate them compared to women.

A fish shoulder blade tattoo design for male and female.

The tribal shoulder blade tat which is also popular among men is painful to create.  When tats are etched on meaty flesh areas of the body, you won’t feel so much pain; but when they are drawn on your bone, you should be prepared to endure an extreme pain.  Whether you want them in colors or just in black ink, shoulder blades tattoos are attractive to the eyes.


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