Feminine Foot Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On March 24, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos

Look Sexier and More Beautiful with Feminine Foot Tattoos!

Star tattoos on girl's foot.Many modern women of today prefer to have a Feminine Foot tattoo to add-up to their beauty and elegance.  Foot tattoos have gained popularity nowadays especially for ladies where they can be easily seen and embedded somewhere in their feet.  Women look fashionable and sexy with a foot tattoo that slides out of their shoes.  Most of them prefer to have this kind of tattoo because it can be hidden easily if needed, and can be displayed to close friends and intimates if they want to.

While men prefer to have big tattoos, women opt for small Feminine Foot tattoos decorated with attractive designs.  When women are asked what part of their bodies is the best place to have their tattoos, they would reveal instantly that it is the foot that is one of the best parts of their bodies to have it due to its purity and simplicity in appearance.

Feminine Foot tattoos are generally small in form, and they are available in various designs such as a flowered heart, a small native flower, a rose or a lily, a butterfly, an angel or seraph, a sea horse or a humming bird.  You can also have a small name or signature as a great option for your foot tattoo.

Celtic style tattoo design on foot.

Because of the rising popularity of Feminine Foot tattoo among women, choices of designs have increased significantly and many tattoo galleries online claim that they have the widest selection of best designs in foot tattoos.  One good thing about a foot tattoo is that it is usually small in form and yet, it can exude a smart look and make a woman sexier and more beautiful.

A huge rose flower tattoo for upper ankle.Creating a Feminine Foot tattoo is not so easy because the tattoo artist has to find ways to pierce miniature curves and perform strokes in just a limited foot area.  Another important thing to consider is the pain usually felt in the foot during the piercing process.  Since the foot has less amount of flesh, utmost care has to be done in order not to hurt the bones extremely.   Healing of tattoo wound takes a longer time in this part of the body, and medical complications may arise if tattooing is not done efficiently.

The Feminine Foot tattoo etched in this part of the body   may not be as clear as you expect compared to other parts of your body since bleeding may occur that can affect the brightness of the ink used.  Because of this, you have to make sure that you get an expert tattoo artist to do this sensitive job.  After the Feminine Foot tattoo has already been made, you have to take extra care that it doesn’t rub with your shoes.

To achieve this, it is best to have your Feminine Foot tattoo during summer where it is possible to wear only sandals or slippers instead of shoes as compared to winter season.  You should also keep in mind to keep your feet always clean with lukewarm water to avoid wound infection.


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