Feminine Stars and Hearts Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On October 2, 2010 Under Star Tattoos

The green and black nautical star tattoo on wrist.The hottest trend these days are tattoos that are magnificent to express your innermost emotions especially through stars and hearts tattoos.  In the past, tattoos were used mainly for personal identity and silent communication, but nowadays, tattooing is regarded as a fashionable mantra for the body.  You’ll find a lot of people who want to experience having a unique tat design for their skins.

The world becomes small and united through the appearance of tattoos for both genders.  While men opt to have bold tat designs that are aggressive, women commonly prefer those that have delicate designs.  Generally speaking, when it comes to tattoos, there’s no such thing as exclusively for men or women, but there are certain types of tats that are suitable for men, and some of them, for women.

Therefore, if you’re looking for specific designs that look feminine, here are some ideas on tats for girls.  Stars and hearts tattoos can be traced way back the early part of 20th century when printing of hearts bearing the word star at the middle was done by sailors.  At the end of World War II, these tats were then called heart tattoos with banners containing names of the wife or girlfriend of soldiers.

The stardust tattoo at the back of girl's neck.

If you’re looking for a cute tat that looks feminine and can be placed in any part of your body, the heart tattoo is a good option.  These tats are known for their versatility in expressing different emotions.  Considering that they are small, you can have them embedded on your neck, wrist and hip. One good thing about the stars and hearts tattoos is their flexibility in which you can print them bearing the name of your love one or you can opt for a heart tat with wings.

A black heart with barbwire tattoo design for men and women.

Some of the heart tattoo designs include Celtic heart, realistic heart, sacred heart and broken heart tattoo.  If you want small feminine tats that are unique and meaningful, you can choose star tattoos.  There are various options available for you to choose from for these tats such as the nautical star tat, Star of David, or shooting star tat.  The nautical star tat is a very popular tat that can be drawn on your ankle, neck, wrist, hip, etc.

A real heart tattoo design for men and women.

Because of their symbolic meanings and interesting history, these tats are preferred by both genders.  With a shooting star, you can opt to have either a single star only, or a group of stars.  Being small in size, they can be easily placed and combined with other appealing tattoos such as the moon tats and fairy tats.  So, what’s the best way to show your love, devotion and friendship than stars and hearts tattoos?

As the saying goes, “a picture can speak louder than words,” so, these tats are best conveyor of what’s inside your mind and your heart.  However, while a heart tat can also mean betrayal, devotion and sacrifice, it is usually associated with the feeling of love in most cases.  The stars and hearts tattoos have gained an immense popularity with both men and women because they never go out of style and fashion.


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