Finding a Koi Fish Tattoo Gallery?

By Tattoo Artist On September 2, 2010 Under Animal Tattoos, Cultural Tattoos

The koi fish tattoo on man's calf.You will observe that among the tattoo designs that are available in online galleries, the most popular design nowadays can be found in a Koi fish tattoo gallery.  This is because the Japanese Koi signifies power and strength with its amazing ability to leap out its entire body from the water.  This makes Koi fish tattoos more sought after by tattoo aficionados scanning the Koi fish tattoo gallery.

These Japanese tattoos are not new to the tattoo gun having long years of history dating back to the ancient Japan as a popular theme.  The most common design of Koi fish tattoo found in a Koi fish tattoo gallery shows a Koi performing an incredible splash in the water sending off splashes of water that indicates its extra-ordinary power.   Apart from its strength, the Koi is also well-known for its beauty and colorful skin.

This makes it attractive to embed as a tattoo among other tattoo designs available in a Koi fish tattoo gallery.  Its bright orange color blends well with the blue color of the water which makes it an ideal Japanese tattoo.  In fact, the Koi tattoo is now a subject of obsession for Western people to ink on their bodies as a traditional Japanese symbol, and as a personal touch of a foreign culture.

A 3D koi fish tattoo on forearm.

The Koi fish tattoo is usually embedded in large areas of the body such as on the calf and shoulder, and for women, it’s commonly performed at their lower back.  Still there are people who prefer the tattoo etched in full back using a traditional Asian style.  Some of the known kinds of Koi fish that are used as designs in the Koi fish tattoo gallery include Kohaku, the white-colored Koi with some red marks, the white Taisho Sanke with black and red markings, and the Showa, a type of Koi fish having white and red markings in a black-colored background.

The koi fish tattoo design on strong man's left arm.

Other famous Koi designs found in the Koi fish tattoo gallery are comprised of Bekko, a type of design that can be formed in colors of yellow, white or red with black marks, the Utsurimono that has a mixture of red and black colors, and the Asagi which has a color combination of grey and blue.  There are a lot more Koi fish designs that you can search in Koi fish tattoo gallery online that include Shusui, Koromo, Kawarimono, Hikarimono and Kinginrin.  With this long list of Koi fish tattoo designs, there’s no doubt that you would be able to choose the kind of design that meets your taste.  Anyone of these choices symbolizes power, endurance and strength that do not only depict the amazing qualities of the Japanese Koi, but also your own personality.

A pink koi fish tattoo for men.

One significant aspect that truly distinguishes the Koi fish as a popular choice of tattoo design is its mythical record in history saying that it turns into a dragon upon reaching the peak of a waterfall.  If it fails, its head will be chopped-off in a cutting board using a samurai.  This makes it even more interesting to choose this tattoo design in the Koi fish tattoo gallery online.

A koi fish with lotus flower tattoo gallery for male and female.


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