Flower and Star Tattoos: All-Time Favorite for Girl

By Tattoo Artist On August 11, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos

Pink color flowers tattoo on girl's shoulder blade.Butterfly, flower and star tattoos all-time favorite designs for girls…

Do you want to have your first tattoo with cute and small designs of flower and star tattoos in order to have a trial test and get the feeling of it?  When girls come to the point of choosing the appropriate tat designs for their first tattoo, they usually choose popular designs like stars, butterfly and flowers.  Butterfly is the common choice of girls who want small tats as trial.

The obvious reason is that apart from its appealing aesthetics, girls are usually familiar with the meanings related to this small, but wonderful creature.  They know that butterflies signify development into a new life just like with a cocoon turned into a full-winged creature.  Due to the amazing features of a butterfly, it also represents hope, beauty and freedom.

Up to this day, star tattoos have remained also one of the top choices of girls even if they are simple in design.  This is because stars symbolize dreams, aspirations and hope in life.  Anyone who has flower and star tattoos on the body seem to portray the goals and directions that she’s heading for in life.  Nautical and shooting stars are the most common types of star tats in this theme.

Another popular tat design not only for girls, but also for women is the flower tattoo.  Since this tattoo has no limitations in time, and the fact that it’s very feminine, makes it an ideal tattoo also for women.  Flower tattoo is already an institution in the art of tattooing being as old as the procedure itself.  It is fashionable and trendy throughout the world that is why even celebrities are having it.

Some small stars tattoo on girl's right shoulder blade.

Flower tattoo is commonly seen in a woman’s body because of its unique and colorful look that can add to the beauty of a woman in its entirety.  These factors overwhelm the choice of women to choose flower and star tattoos for their skin.  As far as color variations are concerned, there are lots of options in tattoo ink, so, there’s no limitation to your choice.

Stars tattoo on girl's lower back.

Flower tats can either stand alone as meaningful and striking body art, or they can also be integrated with other tattoos to create a wonderful complement.  In having the appropriate tat design that will match your skin texture precisely the way you want it to be enables you to express your personal taste and individuality in this aspect.  For many years, women have continued exploring floral options for their tat designs such as lotus, lilies, hibiscus, cherry blossoms, etc.

Lily tattoo on woman's right side of her body.

They usually combine the flower with stars, and embed flower and star tattoos in visible parts of their bodies.  Because of its versatility and flexibility, flower tattoo is a favorite option for girls.  At the same time, it can be easily combined with other objects like stars and butterflies to create a unique and matching design for their first tattoo.  As a girl, if you want to be flattered with amusing stares and praises from others, flower and star tattoos can make a lot of difference for your first tattoo.

A Hawaiian flower tattoo on hip.


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