Four Heart With Wings Tattoos Meaningful Memories

By Tattoo Artist On July 6, 2010 Under Love Tattoos

A heart with wings and roses tattoo design.When tattoos were introduced in time immemorial, they were crafted mostly as decoration for the body, but today, one of the reasons why they are being worn by modern people is to serve as fashion statement just like the heart with wings tattoos.  By wearing tattoos on your body, you can attract public attention especially the opposite sex.

Tattoos are also used as strong expression of one’s belief and statement.  Today, more people are no longer interested in choosing attractive tat designs in random; they are now more inclined to select the designs that suit their personality, and anything that describes them most in reality.  However, there are still popular tat designs that don’t focus too much on individual personality, but more on universal aspect such as the heart with wings tattoos.

A heart with wings and barbwire tattoo at man's back.Several designs of these tats are available like the broken heart, flaming heart tat, etc. that have different meanings.  The most visible meaning attached to heart with wings tat is love, since the heart is considered as a universal symbol for love from the start of humanity.  This is the reason why many people who fall in love prefer the heart as their first choice because of several meanings attached to it.

First, those who want to convey their great love make it a point to embed the name of their lover inside the heart of the tattoo.  Some who want to keep their love one secret just prefer to have wings that are wrapped around the heart.  This means that the subject has fallen in love with an angel.  Therefore, if you think your beloved is an angel, the heart with wings tattoos will suit you best, and your beloved angel will be so impressed about it.

The second meaning refers to the heart with wings as symbol of freedom.  Winged heart symbolizes the freedom to love and be loved regardless of any barrier.  It involves a joyful, carefree-spirited nature of showing love to a beloved, and this is a common literal meaning of this design.  Aside from this, heart with wings does not only signify free spirit in love, but also freedom against certain negative things such as bad habits, bad character, alcoholism and drug addiction.

A pink heart with blue wings tattoo on woman's upper back.

At times, winged heart represents love for freedom and freedom in love to retain a person’s will and individuality.  The third meaning of heart with wings tattoos is being associated with fairies and angels.  In portrayal of a heart with wings, some people believe that your prayers are flying high with angels who are bringing them to God.  This is an ancient meaning of this design just like the religious tattoos.

A heart with wings tattoo design on girl's lower back.

The fourth meaning of a winged heart is associated to a departed beloved one.  People who lose their love ones eventually decide to embed a heart tattoo with wings on their skin.  This means that their beloved is gone to heaven with angels.  This is one of the heart with wings tattoos designs that falls in the category of the most popular memorial tat designs.


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