Girly Lower Back Tribal Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On August 15, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos

A tribal tattoo at girl's lower back.The girly lower back tribal tattoos rose to prominence in the year 1990 when the cropped tops and time-half shirts were in fashion.  Because of this, most girls took the opportunity to display their body curves and sexy figures along with girly lower back tribal tattoos.  Even now, lower back tattoos are still popular for young ladies, and they take the chance to show them off when they’re on the beach or when they wear low-waist jeans.

With their purpose of highlighting their feminine sexy curves, girls prefer to place their girly lower back tribal tattoos in an oblong shape.  Usually, these tattoos are made with elongated lines, patters or designs.  The image of a dragon, heart, cross, dolphin, butterfly, or a star is placed at the center of the tattoo.  It is commonly surrounded with vines, wings, flames, or other forms of swirling designs.

A blue rose tribal tattoo at girl's lower back.

Girls make their tattoos wide at the center; taper it off, while extending it outward.  They also have them wrapped over to their waist or to the side to create a unique and appealing look.  Even celebs have been using the trend of girly lower back tribal tattoos to enhance their beauty and sexy bodies.  Some of these celebrities include the world-famous Angelina Jolie who sports a Bengal tiger, Aaliya, the former singer with a dove, Britney Spears wears a fairy, and singer Brandy possesses a lotus flower.

These are only a few examples of famous celebrities who prefer to have girly lower back tribal tattoos etched on their skins.  More names are following the list, and the number is increasing from time to time because of their desire to display their sex appeal, and as a way of expressing their personalities.  Apart from celebrities, more professional women opt to have these kinds of tattoos nowadays as you can see them walking in parks, beach resorts, and other public places.

Girly tribal butterfly tattoo at lower back.

You too can have these appealing girly lower back tribal tattoos, and even if this is your 1st time to embed them on your body, you will surely feel great like a celebrity.  Many shapes of tattoos are round, and you may find oblong to be an unusual one.  But even then, this shape can stand by itself and create a unique and attractive appearance for you.  In fact, when asked which shape is better, many girls would simply say it’s oblong.

The reason for this is that oblong shape can highlight the sexy body of a girl in a much better way.  One good thing about girly lower back tribal tattoos is that you can hide them, and display it only to someone special to you.  Tattoo artists and girls agree that it’s much easier to etch them compared to other areas of the body because it’s more convenient to ink them in a wide and flat expanse.

A blue butterfly tattoo at girl's lower back.

The back is also a good spot to print your girly lower back tribal tattoos because it does not move too much that can affect the tattoos as you age compared to other areas of your body.


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