Gothic Fairy Tattoos that Fascinate People

By Tattoo Artist On August 19, 2010 Under Mythical Tattoos

A little gothic fairy tattoo for girls.The fascinating stories of fantasies have always been a great source of ideas for crafting tattoos that are appealing to people as in the case of Gothic fairy tattoos.  Gothic fairies are known in the mythical world as spirits that come from the metaphysical realm.  In the West, different kinds of fairies in various forms and shapes have long existed in their cultures particularly those that originate from Persian myth and Celtic groups.

Many people across the globe associate fairies with angels, and some believe that they are wicked creatures who can bring dangers and disasters with their magical powers.  For children, fairies are perceived to look like humans with wings as a more popular appearance.  Kids are fascinated with the outfit of fairies and their magic wands that symbolize the ability to defeat evil by good spirits.  In case of Gothic fairy tattoos, good spirits are more emphasized than evil ones.

However, confusion tends to arise as to the real meaning of fairies, and what do they represent if they are used as designs for gothic fairy tattoos.  There are mythical analysts claiming that fairies are actually spirits of the dead that visit the earth to help human beings realize the value of life and the dangers of evil thoughts.  Others believe that they are individual guardian angels attached to Christianity that help people to make good decisions, and lead a life that is free from troubles.

A dark blue color gothic fairy tattoo for girl.But depending on your interpretation of what a fairy really means to you, the general perception emerges that fairies are not humans, but somewhat characterize human features in spiritual form.  They are endowed with magical powers and long life that make them superior from physical beings.  So, if you want to have a design of gothic fairy tattoos etched on your skin, you can presume that you may be wearing a talisman against all sorts of evil.

Gothic fairy tattoos originated from the medieval era dating back to the 12th century.  They are mostly taken from religious inscriptions related to Christian architecture, sculpture and paintings.  Gothic forms of art were used to decorate religious structures like Catholic churches and monasteries.  With merging of secular art to religious art during the Gothic period, a more diversified form of architecture was produced.

A slorful gothic tattoo at the back of woman's back.

This involved folklores, tales, sculptures and images, as well as fairies that gained an immense popularity in Europe.  There was much difference in art works that followed the era of Gothic art since Gothic was more focused on narrating fictional stories through the use of images.  It can be assumed therefore that the gothic fairy tattoos of today are based on the paintings and pictures that were made during the Middle Ages.

There are even some who believe that fairies represent the dresses worn during the Gothic period.  Either way you perceive it, gothic fairy tattoos are flexible in style and origin.  While historical tattoos are still much “in” nowadays as they are appealing to many people, they can be used in designs of gothic fairy tattoos to make them unique and appealing in style.

A dark color fairy tattoo on shoulder blade.


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