Great Leo Tattoo Meanings in the Zodiac

By Tattoo Artist On September 4, 2010 Under Zodiac Tattoos

A lion head tattoo on man's left chest.The 2 Faces of Leo that have great Leo Tattoo meanings in the Zodiac…

There is no doubt that tattooing has become a trend in fashion, and people under the zodiac sign of Leo opt to have their symbols in their skins with corresponding Leo tattoo meanings.  Many people are now using Leo tattoos in a great number of ways that would uplift their appearance and boost their ego.  Those who are born from July 23 to August 22 fall under the zodiac sign of Leo, and they are popularly known to be sincere friends and attention-getters.

Leo tattoo meanings would be surprising to anyone who is not aware that the sign is associated with the sun.  With the power of the sun, there is no doubt that people under this sign are perceived to be powerful and dominating.  Leo is symbolized by a lion that makes this zodiac sign even more powerful and commanding.  They command a high respect from others, being outspoken in a straightforward manner.

A symbol of Leo at the right side of girl's lower back.But on the other hand, they are also believed to be gullible who can easily bestow their trust even to a stranger, in which case, they can be easily cheated and taken advantage by others.  This is the soft spot in their personality and one of the most visible Leo tattoo meanings in their zodiac sign.  This is the reason why Leos govern the heart and spine, a combination of emotion and strength.  These Leo tattoo meanings can be easily interpreted in their tattoo symbol.

Several Leo tattoo patterns can be done in various ways that portray their popular Leo tattoo meanings.  You can adopt the traditional design of the Leo glyph with the letter “u” which is the precise symbol of Leo with an image of a snake.  Some people want the image of a lion as symbol of courage, leadership, prestige, power and bravery.

Most of these masculine marks with their corresponding Leo tattoo meanings are supposedly applicable for men, yet, they are also appealing to women of the same zodiac category.  This is because there are many women today who can compete with their counterparts in many ways like in the field of sports, intelligence and skills.  There are women who feel great with power and dominance that at times, they may be perceived to be ahead of men.  In fact, they may even be more disciplined and hard to corrupt that they can survive the known weaknesses of the Leo sign.

A symbol of Leo with fire tattoo design for girls.

The only things that can trigger their downfall are their emotional spot, their vanity which can cover their sense of well-being, and their lust for power that can bring an ultimate disaster.  However in general point of view, women serve as the backbone of men, a fortress that neutralizes the mistakes of men, a great mediator and an effective ambassador of goodwill as embodied in the true Leo tattoo meanings.

A black Leo tattoo design at model's upper back.

Therefore, if you think you possess a lion’s personality based on the Leo tattoo meanings, you can have a big lion tattoo in different forms like a roaring face of a lion either in half or full body profile, or a crown representing the jungle king.


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