Great Tattoo Ideas for Mothers That You Can Be Proud of

By Tattoo Artist On October 12, 2010 Under Girl Tattoos, Love Tattoos

A pair of baby's feet print tattoo on mother's calf.If you are a mother who has been searching for a kind of tattoo design that is impressive in look, but you don’t have any tattoo ideas for mothers, this is now a great chance for you to have your obsession.  The whole process may not appear to be easy at all because it’s not only the tattoo which is at stake, but also your reputation to other people.  Your 1st step is to determine what you really want out of a design for a mother.

Try to come-up with your own tattoo idea that is impressive, and compare it with available tattoo ideas for mothers that you can find online.  Choose a kind of tattoo that you can dare to be with for many years without giving you any discomfort or stain to your appearance and personality.  Your chosen tattoo does not necessarily be large and sophisticated.  It can be simple like a butterfly or heart design.

You can opt for a bigger image of a heart having a smaller-size of heart inside it or put 2 hearts overlapping each other to indicate your strong bond as a mother to your child.  Another choice of tattoo ideas for mothers is a small butterfly colored with your child’s birthstone as well as yours with printed expressions of your choice on the wings written in another language.

There are many available tattoo designs for mothers, and if you want something that you can be proud of for other members of your family and friends, don’t decide at an impulse.  A tattoo that has not been planned carefully, and did not originate from reliable tattoo ideas for mothers that you can find from several professional websites, may be a subject of regret and disappointment later on.

A pair of babies's feet print with their date of birth tattoo at girl's upper back.

Bear in mind that it’s not so easy to erase or cover an old tattoo with a new one.  The pain and cost of the replacement tattoos can be more severe and bigger as when you embedded them the 1st time.  Another thing is that it may not look attractive anymore with shades of erasures, and the kind of replacement tattoo that may appear only as a remedy.  Therefore, there is no other way to produce a perfect tattoo that will last long except for browsing over a list of available motherhood tattoo can be of great help to you.

There are working mothers who prefer the kinds of tattoos that are not too revealing which they can hide easily if necessary.  In this case, you can have your tattoo embedded on your lower back, ankle or foot.  If you want your tattoo not to look like stain on your body, you can consider choosing the image of 3 little stars or 3 tiny hearts inked on the sides of your foot.  This design included among the list of valuable tattoo ideas for mothers symbolize transition periods which are the present, past and the future.

Other great tattoo ideas for mothers include the use of smiley, rose buds, and your baby’s footprints.

A pair of babies with flowers tattoo design on mother's arm.


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