Greek Mythology on Taurus Tattoo Symbols

By Tattoo Artist On October 16, 2010 Under Zodiac Tattoos

A small Taurus tattoo on girl's wrist.Taurus tattoo symbols refer to the qualities of people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus called Taureans that include dedication, consistency, steadfastness, strong determination and high ambition.  A fictional story in the Greek mythology indicates that Zeus, the greatest of the Gods, had to replicate as a bull to win the heart of a beautiful maiden named Europa.  This became the start of Taurus sign’s popularity among the other signs of zodiac.

This also became the basis of immense popularity of Taurus tattoo symbols for all people especially Taureans.  These tattoo designs are available in a great number of appealing patterns for you to choose from.  With a range of smart ideas and styles, they can be crafted in a unique and innovative form.  Since the bull is known for its strong and striking profile, it became the most suitable image that is fitted with this zodiac symbol.

A long horn taurus tattoo symbol at man's back.If you are the type of a person who believes in the realm of zodiac and intriguing facts about Greek mythology, the striking appeal of the Taurus tattoo symbols can fit you well.  But if the image of a bull is not acceptable to you, then, you can simply opt for its fitting constellation.  Another thing that you can do is refer to the zodiac glyph.  There, you’ll find out that Taurus does not only describe man’s intense masculinity, but also perceived to include the soft energies of women.

This is the reason why even females are interested to have Taurus tattoo symbols in their bodies as they don’t only pertain to the strength of men, but also to the receptive qualities of women.  It is undoubtedly a fact that many people of all ages and both genders crave for Taurus tattoo symbols to be etched in their skins permanently as they feel them correlated to their personal attributes in life.

While these Taurus tattoo symbols have been around since the ancient civilizations of Greeks, Indians and Romans, they are still considered as icons of aesthetic values and deep expression of cultural beliefs.  If you are a Taurean who is keen on ancient cultures, this type of tattoo is suitable for you.  There is a diverse range of selection of designs pertaining to Taurus tattoo symbols available in the online market today that will surely catch your attention and interest.

Just the same with other zodiac symbols, you can have them permanently etched in your body provided that you have taken proper steps in choosing the appropriate form that fits your needs.  You can adopt vibrant strokes to exude the qualities of steadfastness and strong determination.  Better still, it is recommended that you search from online galleries for a wide comparison of Taurus tattoo symbols, and get an experienced tattoo artist that can produce the type of tattoo that you long for.

A Taurus with ying yang tattoo on man's arm.

Keep in mind that if you are decided to have Taurus tattoo symbols to appear in your skin for a lifetime, you must be able to pick the most appropriate design that meets your character traits in order to avoid the pain of removal and restructuring if ever you change your mind later.

A red eyes Taurus tattoo on man's left arm.


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