How to Make Fake Tattoos that Look Real!

By Tattoo Artist On August 5, 2010 Under Special Tattoos

Fake tattoos design on model's body.One good thing about fake tattoos that look real is that you can wear them for a one night stand in a certain occasion, and remove them after use.  They can also serve as a test to view how they will look when you have decided to embed them permanently.  You can even transfer any picture into it, and apply any color that you desire.  You can remove fake tattoos immediately if you want, or just let them fade for a few days depending on the type of marker used.

Fake tattoos that look real are useful in parties, Halloween costumes or to try how they would look on your skin.  If you really want something that looks real on your body without embedding it permanently, then, you can opt to choose your design carefully.  Nowadays, there a lot of artists that are expert in creating temporary tat designs.

Their works are displayed on the web so you can make a comparison of designs, and choose the right one that suits you.  In case you cannot decide on what color you want to use for the design, you can try a black line tattoo.  This type of tattoo is made-up of striking outlines, and if you want a slight color to be added, you can just use face paint for its color.

In this process, you can explore different colors to be used until you have decided to make a combination of colors that you have chosen.  After you have selected the right design, it’s time to think where you want to apply it.  Just remember that when you want to embed fake tattoos that look real, it is best to place them in an area that can be covered easily by your clothes if you want to.  Examples of these areas are your back, arms and legs.

A fake tattoo on Japanese's right sleeve.

A small fake tattoo design on Angelina's right arm.Of course you want also a tattoo to be placed in an area that is accessible where you can work on it easily and comfortably.  You may want to revise it later or remove it totally, and try a new one in a different area of your body.  In using temporary designs, you have the option to have a group of small tattoos or just one big design.  Always have in mind that when you’re ready to create your temporary tattoo, be sure to read first the attached instructions.

This is an important part of the whole application; to know and practice the correct technique and preparation.  If you want to have perfect fake tattoos that look real on your body, you should put 2 things in mind.  First, don’t forget to shave the area that will be covered by your tattoo, and adopt the same kind of application that professionals do.

Second, read carefully the detailed instructions regarding the application of different kinds of tats in order to make sure that you’re doing the right technique.  Upon drying of your creation, apply translucent powder to your design.  This way, your fake tattoos that look real will be attractive, soft-matte finish that complements well with your skin tone and tat design.

An amazing and incredible prison break tattoo on Wenworth Miller's body.


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