How to Make Your Superman Tattoo Design More Appealing

By Tattoo Artist On October 6, 2010 Under Special Tattoos

A letter "S" tattoo on arm.Who said Superman tattoo design is only for males?  Many people perceive that this kind of tattoo is exclusively for man because of the masculine profile of Superman.  But that’s not true; women adore this superhero that they also profess to wear his image on their bodies.  Some women even want his counterpart, Superwoman, for a more feminine outlook but still retaining the powerful image of the superhero.

If you want to have a Superman tattoo design etched on your body, determine which location is best fitted for you to have it, and consider the appropriate size of your tattoo.  You can choose your forearm, back, hip or upper arm to make it more visible.  Bear this important thing in mind; whenever you are planning to have a tat, you must always consider 2 things; the location and the size of your tat.  At times, your choice of the location will determine the size of your Superman tattoo design.

The first letter of superman tattoo design on arm.The big letter “S” that indicate the 1st letter of his name, and always printed on his chest can be flexible in size depending on which part of your body you prefer to embed the Superman tattoo design.  If you have different colors in mind for the uniform, go ahead with it; otherwise, you can just retain the standard colors of his attire which are yellow, red and blue.  Remember that your choice of colors should have been carefully studied since you will wear them for a long time.

If you have a different spirit or personality as Superman, make it a point that it will match his superhero colors.  Let’s say you want to commemorate an event, then, determine what colors will fit the uniform of your Superman tattoo design.  If you want to honor somebody, think of the right colors associated with the person you are honoring.  In this aspect, you need your creativity to come up with the appropriate color scheme.A red color superman "S" logo tattoo at man's upper back.

Some people cannot decide on the best colors of uniform for their Superman tattoo designs be it their own choice of colors or the original ones.  In this case, you should approach an expert tattoo artist to guide you all the way in your selection process.  You can also search online to get some ideas on how to create unique designs of your superhero.  You can even modify your chosen design by adding a few elements to make it more attractive and appealing.

You can even ask your friends or relatives to help you choose the best Superman tattoo design that will suit your taste.  But don’t let them influence your decision too much because after all, it’s not them who will bear the tat and walk around with it for a long time.  It’s you who will be seen by others bearing this kind of tattoo.

A superhero "superman" tattoo on man's arm.

If you happen to think of putting a name on it, you can perhaps decide to do it some other time.  Printing a name of your love one on the Superman tattoo design may just create something that you will regret later on after a split just like in the case of some celebrities.

A full sleeve superman tattoo design for men.


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