Is Statue Liberty Tattoo Only for Patriotic Citizens?

By Tattoo Artist On October 4, 2010 Under Patriotic Tattoos

A statue liberty with "America" tattoo design on calf.It is widely believed that those who wear Statue Liberty tattoos are all patriotic citizens of America.  But what about those people from other countries wearing this kind of tattoo; what is their purpose in wearing it?  The Statue of Liberty is known across the globe as symbol of freedom, justice, independence and liberty.  Basically, it represents the enduring principles of liberty of American people.  It depicts the struggle for freedom of Americans since time immemorial.

The principles embodied in the Statue Liberty tattoo represent the unwavering love for country, patriotism and unity among people in times of war and in times of peace.  The Statue of Liberty does not only signify the undying principles of American people, but also widely accepted as patriotic commitment of people in support of their nation across the globe.  Anyone who bears the Statue Liberty tattoo in other parts of the world thinks of serving his own country by any means.

Apart from this conviction, the Statue Liberty tattoo has a great appeal to many people in all walks of life because of its perfect creation of design that attract them.  Nevertheless, there are also people who make it as an icon representing one of the great wonders of the world.  This only show that this tattoo is not only for patriotic citizens of America but, for the rest of the world as a great symbol of democracy and a perfect creation of art.

Today, it is one of the most popular tattoos sought by a lot of people who want to live independently away from unpopular restrictions of the society.  Starting from the day that terrorist attacks were indiscriminately launched in the US victimizing innocent civilians, this kind of tattoo has become more popular in the pursuit of peace, happiness, right to live without fear, individual freedom and justice.

Holding a cross statue liberty tattoo design for men and women.

A statue liberty with American flag tattoo on man's lower part of leg.

Although the Statue Liberty tattoo has a great emphasis on patriotism, it has also become the icon of democracy,

expression of concern for others, and remembering the victims of terrorist attacks.  The families and friends of those who perished in the September 11 terrorist attack in the US want to cherish the memories of their loved ones by embedding the Statue Liberty tattoos in the bodies.  This symbol represents the unforgettable tragedy where thousands of innocent people died indiscriminately just because of senseless terrorism, and the unbearable aftermath felt by those who were left behind.  These tattoos have also become popular for the relatives of soldiers who perished in war.

In essence, the Statue Liberty tattoo is adopted to remember the memories of those who sacrificed and gave their lives in service to their own countries for the welfare of the nation and its constituents. This tattoo is not only appealing to patriotic citizens of any country, but also to those who are attracted to its design and the meanings that it bears.  So if you are a tattoo enthusiast who is fond of popular tattoos in the market, the Statue Liberty tattoo can fit you well whether you are patriotic or not.

The statue liberty tattoo on man's arm.


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