Italian Symbol Tattoos are Great for Lovers

By Tattoo Artist On August 25, 2010 Under Lettering Tattoos, Love Tattoos

An Italian flag with Italic tattoo on arm.Italian culture along with symbolism is recognized by many countries across the globe that is why Italian symbol tattoos are not strange to them.  A great number of tattoo fans love to etch these unique tat designs on their skins. These tattoos are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes that people can choose from.  But what makes the Italian tattoos preferred by tattoo fans all over the world?

There are a lot of things associated to the Italian culture that make these tattoos well-loved by tat aficionados.  Many people know that Italy is known for passion and romance, meaning that different stories and accounts of romance and love are traced to this country.  This is the reason why their tat designs are sought after by many people in the world.  In each tat design, there is corresponding message of romance and affection.

Not only that; Italians are noted for being patriotic to their country, and nobody can question that.  In fact, as a show of their ardent love for their country, they are fond of embedding their flag on their bodies.  Each one has his own version of using the Italian national flag as one of the Italian symbol tattoos that they prefer inking as proof of their patriotism in their own unique way.

If you want this tattoo in your body, then, you can opt to have a clover leaf using the tricolor feature of the Italian flag.  Even the Italian country with national colors can also be inked in any area of your body.  You have the option to use Italian phrases such as La Dolce Vita which means the sweet life, or Forza meaning strength, or any other passionate words or phrases in the Italian language.

The Italian flag with cross tattoo on man's calf.

You may be aware that the white lily is the national Italian flower, so, both men and women can make use of this symbol with combinations of other tat designs to make it perfect on your body.  Another great choice for your Italian symbol tattoos is the Italian national bird called bluebird which you can make as bright and colorful.  Your choice of objects to be incorporated in your Italian tat design is unlimited.

Supposing you are in love with somebody and you want your beloved to realize your ardent feelings, then, you can opt for an Italian heart design for your Italian symbol tattoos design and include the name of your love one.  You can combine your heart design with a Sanskrit writing script pertaining to love matters.  In doing so, you’re adding more appeal to your tat design that makes it more attractive to look at.  When you see the amazing result of your creation, you’ll surely please your love one together with other onlookers.

An Italic tattoo on woman's right side of her body.

So, in this aspect, you should not have second thoughts of choosing Italian tats to impress your love one.  For ladies who want to look more beautiful and sexy, you can have your tattoo embedded on your lower abdominal.  Being a prominent and sexy spot, you can grab the attention of the opposite sex at once when you place the Italian symbol tattoos in that area.


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