Italic Tattoos Lettering

By Tattoo Artist On August 27, 2010 Under Lettering Tattoos

The Italic tattoo on man's forearm.Italic tattoos lettering is the phenomenal approach to modern tattooing…

For many years, people around the world have used images to portray anything that they want others to see; however, with the entry of modern times, a new phenomenon has emerged in using letters for tattooing purposes called Italic tattoos.  In this form of lettering, there are various choices of font styles that you can select from.  The most popular among them is the Italic font which is the most elegant and the best means of expressing yourself.

Many people opt to use lettering in combination with an image tat as a personal way of conveying their message through their tattoos.  This way, they are able to use both aspects in a single tat, and at the same time, retain the personal meaning that they want.  Although black is commonly preferred to be used in lettering, there is no limit as to what color of ink you want for your tat.

Italic with numerals tattoo on man's left forearm.You can apply your favorite color or a blend of colors that are seen in a rainbow within the text in order to obtain a mixture of high sense of creativity, personality and uniqueness.  Through proper blending of these attractive colors, you can come up with Italic tattoos that speak for you about yourself in your entire life.  The first most important thing about getting an Italic tattoo is the font that will be used, followed by your choice of the right text

In choosing one, you can have a unique and meaningful text that is more personal that will not confuse other people when they see it.  Of course you don’t want people to stare at it as if asking what made you choose it, and what does it really means; unless that is exactly your intention.  Another thing that you should think of is the location of your Italic tattoos lettering.

More people in both genders prefer to ink them on their backs because that area is the most flattened and the largest part of their body.  This makes it more comfortable and a lot easier to embed any kind of tattoo especially the ones that are larger in size and containing long phrases.  In case of women, they find it something that adds-up to their beauty and sex appeal, while men find the entire area of the back as a good place to show off their tats.

Italic "Only God can judge me" tattoo on man's stomach.

Whichever you want it to be, you can be sure that Italic tattoos will bring pride and satisfaction for the rest of your life.  Italic tat lettering can serve as a perfect solution to make your tat rise up among other tattoos, whether you opt to print your own name, your child or children’s names, the name of your love one, your pet’s name, your zodiac sign, your favorite quote, or anything in the world that you could think of.

A shooting star with Italic Tattoo at the right side of girl's lower back.

Moreover, it’s good to have a great sense of thought for anything that you want your Italic tattoos lettering to be, along with appropriate creative colors, since you’ll have it on your body for many years to come.


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