Meaning of Celtic Love Knot Tattoos

By Tattoo Artist On July 18, 2010 Under Celtic Tattoos, Love Tattoos

Special red and white celtic love knot tattoo design.If you want a kind of tattoo that represents yourself, the Celtic love knot tattoos may be your best choice.  These tattoos are eye-catching that can boost your personality and the beauty of your body as a form of art.  It’s quite painful to have it, but it’s worth something to remain on your skin forever.  For a lot of people, it’s not only a form of art; it also symbolizes what things they believe in.

It reminds them of significant memories that should never be forgotten.  At this point, you should be aware of some kinds of Celtic love knot tattoos that have special meanings.  The simplest type of these tattoos is the trinity Celtic knot which has a three-cornered pattern representing the Holy Trinity composed of the Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A simple celtic love knot tattoo design for male and female.Next is the quaternary knot which has 4 corners, and more complicated designs compared to trinity knot.  A popular interpretation of this knot is good fortune, but there are still different meanings attached to it.  Another type of Celtic knot tattoo is the Celtic round knot where the trinity knot can be seen inside the image which is symbolic of the essential elements on earth that consist of fire, earth and water.

So far, these are the most well-known kinds of Celtic tattoo which has plenty of meanings, and it depends on how you assess the meaning if it relates to your personality.  Some of the Celtic love knot tattoos designs may provide you with a specific idea, while others may mean a different one.  Therefore, when you choose a particular type of tattoo, be sure that you have researched thoroughly on its meaning to avoid regrets later on that may lead to a laser removal.

It’s absolutely better to spend some time in the selection of the appropriate tattoo with the correct meaning to be embedded on your body permanently rather than spend more time and money in removing it later.  Because of their historical significance, Celtic knot tats have gained a wide popularity among many people in the world today.  They symbolize the unification of souls, and create a more meaningful and romantic aura.

Some of the usual types of Celtic love knot tattoos are spiral love knot, the round love knot, and the triple drop knot.  The spiral love knot carries a true-to-life Red and blue color celtic love knot tattoo design.historical significance.  It is an ancient design found during the Celtic period which symbolizes the perpetual unity of 2 souls.  The round love knot represents the Irish Celtic symbols, and was discovered engraved on stone crosses in the eastern Ireland.

In its inner part, you will notice the interlocked threads representing the elements of fire, earth and water; while on the outside, you can see the sun’s orbit.  Another Celtic knot tattoo design is the triple drop knot which has 3 sides, also representing the 3 elements of fire, earth and water.  The transparent continuous line in this type of Celtic love knot tattoos is the symbol of unity and strength together with unwavering spirit in faith.


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