Mistakes in Choosing Chinese Symbols Tattoos Meaning

By Tattoo Artist On July 20, 2010 Under Cultural Tattoos, Lettering Tattoos

A Chinese word with bamboo tattoo on choulder blade.Everyone… Beware of Errors in Choosing Chinese Symbols Tattoos Meaning!

Before you start embedding a Chinese tattoo, make sure that you have thoroughly researched on the Chinese symbols tattoos meaning; otherwise, it could be a big mistake that is difficult to rectify.  Compared to the alphabet, the Chinese have already created a well-developed system of writing dating back to 3000 years past.  Proofs of ancient writing were discovered printed on bamboo strips, potteries, brass vessels and bones.

Bear in mind that the Chinese way of writing does not make use of the alphabet, but merely on the meanings of symbols that make up the whole concept of spoken words.  In matters pertaining to a Chinese tattoo, take note that the Chinese symbol is not equivalent to a hieroglyph, but rather depicts the entire Chinese symbols tattoos meaning as spoken.  The symbols do not contain any single letter in the alphabet which is more of Latin invention.

The Chinese words "Gods of Beauty" tattoo at the right side of girl's lower back.As early as 1710 A.D., the Chinese symbols are already made-up in a total of 47,035 compilations in the Kangxi Dictionary based on the imperial decree.  However, an ordinary Chinese can read anything written in their language with only 5,000 symbols.  This is the difficult aspect in analyzing the Chinese tattoos when you are planning to have a Chinese tattoo embedded on your body.  Many people have encountered mistakes in choosing the right symbol to be used in their Chinese tats.

This is the reason why you should not rush in deciding to have a Chinese symbol tattoo for your skin.  You have to consult somebody who knows the Chinese language to write out the meaning of the symbol you have chosen.  However, there may still be some percentage of errors that can be committed by the person you have approached if he doesn’t know the exact Chinese symbols tattoos meaning.

Remember that Chinese symbols are not easy to understand as the symbols are much complicated compared to the alphabet.  A symbol can have another meaning to what you really intend to have in your Chinese symbols tattoos meaning.  That is why it needs a thorough knowledge and research before you finally decide to etch the Chinese symbol on your body to avoid shame and scandal.

Chinese words "Truthful" tattoo on man's right ankle.

Favorite Chinese word "Love" tattoo for men and women.

Another important thing to have in mind is that Chinese Calligraphy is not a guess work.  It needs precision in its application because the moment you missed a single stroke in your tat design, the Chinese tattoos would be different from what you think it should be.  However, there are some ways to solve this problem.  It is highly recommended that you look for a Chinese tattoo artist rather than take your chances on ordinary ones.

Even if your Western tattoo artist knows something about the Chinese language, it is not a guarantee that he can produce the exact symbol with the right strokes and the precise Chinese symbols tattoos meaning attached to it.  Another important point to remember in analyzing the Chinese symbols tattoos meaning is that Chinese names start from the end of the strokes on a reversed order having your surname 1st before your first name.

"Respect" tattoo at girl's back.


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